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QRL Inclusion Statement

The QRL is committed to providing a safe, welcoming environment for everyone who chooses to be part of the rugby league community by actively promoting the principles of equality, fairness, social justice and community values. We define these principles as:

  • Equality is about ensuring that any person who wants to participate in rugby league is provided with equal opportunity.
  • Social justice is about ensuring all people receive a “fair go” by providing everyone with the opportunity to participate in the game.
  • A commitment to understanding the impact of derogatory language on rugby league participants based on gender, age, race, sexual orientation, disablity, education, socio-economic background, family status, geographic location and religion.
  • Community values ensure we take a respectful approach to difference and diversity between people to ensure they are treated with dignity and courtesy.

Why is diversity and inclusion important to the QRL?

The importance of diversity and inclusion at QRL is underpinned by our appreciation of difference, the variety of knowledge that diversity creates, opportunities to learn, and the ability to be creative and innovative.

The QRL Diversity and Inclusion Framework supports our ability to grow as an organisation. These growth opportunities are directly linked to the QRL strategic objectives, and include:

  • Social benefits from wider community engagement and intercultural harmony.
  • Increasing ability to leverage rugby league to make a positive difference across our diverse communities.
  • Increasing membership base and participation growth.
  • Increasing talent pool across all participation options.
  • Raising the image and profile of the rugby league in the community.
  • Developing partnerships with a whole-of-community focus.
  • Increasing revenue and funding opportunities to further invest in diversity and inclusion programs.