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NRL coaching courses provide quality training and best practice modelling to successfully fulfill the important role of a rugby league coach. The National Coaching Accreditation Scheme is endorsed by the Australian Sports Commission and is delivered by the NRL's Game Development Department.

Coach accreditation is compulsory for all rugby league coaches in Australia, regardless of the age or level of the team. It is essential that new coaches gain an understanding of how to coach, the different stages of learning and development, safety considerations, as well as the core skills, tactics and laws of the game prior to taking on the role of team coach.

Regardless of geographical location, age or level, all coaches are required to gain a Coaching Accreditation as per National Rugby League policy.

What type of accreditation do I need?

  • Under 6 – Under 12
    Modified Games Coach – three online modules (theory) and a face to face practical session. 

  • Under 13 – Opens
    International Games Coach - three online modules (theory) and a face to face practical session. 

To find out more information regarding coaching accreditation levels, accreditation courses, dates and how to register, see the NRL Game Development coaching website


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