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Intrust Super Cup Elimination Final Highlights - Ipswich Jets v Northern Pride at North Ipswich Reserve, Ipswich. 1.35pm Sunday September 6, 2015.

Match Report - By Michael Nunn

There is a scene in Cool Runnings where Sanka explains that he can’t bobsled like the Swiss because he’s Jamaican and if he does everything else Jamaican, then he has to bobsled Jamaican and not copy anyone.

“Well the right foot for us is not the Swiss foot. I mean come on Derice, we can't be copying nobody else's style. We have our own style.”

Finals football has long been understood to involve a certain type of football; you grind it out and take your chances, prey on mistakes and produce clinical football that strangles your opponents.

You can imagine Ben and Shane Walker saying ‘the best we can be is Ipswich’ and ‘play our style’.

If the ball is passed too low; kick it, kick it again and kick it again to score … it’s finals football Ipswich Jets 2015 style.

The Jets’ finals campaign started against the reigning premiers and national champions at the North Ipswich Reserve yesterday.

They exploded out of the blocks with an 18-0 lead after Billy McConnachie showed his footwork to score a great try, Matt Parcell scooted over and Carlin Anderson combined with Marmin Barba in the left corner.

‘Our’ style; Jets style.

The Pride showed how resilient they are and came back with two tries; the first by Brett Anderson in the left hand corner followed by a second to Javid Bowen who took advantage of a hole in the Jets’ defence.

The Pride had fought back to 18-10 after 27 minutes.

Josh Cleeland backed himself running to the right and scored while the Pride scored again through Ben Spina to take it to the break at 24-16 in favour of the home team.

Five minutes into the second half, the Jets’ style struck again; Nemani Valekapa with the break and an around the corner pass to Marmin Barba, who kicked in-field to find Dane Phillips for a stunning try.

The Pride came back again to make it 30-20 after 52 minutes when Anderson scored try number two.

Ipswich then pulled more than two converted tries in front when Carlin Anderson displayed some freakish soccer skills to score an incredible try that had the crowd on its feet.

Brett Anderson crossed for his third soon after to keep the Pride in the hunt, but the Jets were able to close out the game 54-26 with further tries to XXXX man of the match Parcell, skipper Keiron Lander and Barba.

IPSWICH JETS 54 (Carlin Anderson 2, Matt Parcell 2, Marmin Barba, Josh Cleeland, Dane Phillips, Keiron Lander, Billy McConnachie tries; Carlin Anderson 9 goals) def NORTHERN PRIDE 26 (Brett Anderson 3, Javid Bowen, Ben Spina tries; Justin Castellaro 3 goals) at North Ipswich Reserve.

Ipswich Jets: 1. Carlin Anderson 2. Marmin Barba 3. Richard Pandia 4. Nemani Valekapa 21. Daniel Vidot 6. Josh Cleeland 7. Dane Phillips 8. Josh Seage 9. Matt Parcell 10. Rod Griffin 11. Fakahoko Teutau 12. Kurt Capewell 13. Keiron Lander (c) 15. Kurtis Lingwoodock16. Billy McConnachie 17. Liam Capewell 22. Sam Martin             

Northern Pride: 1. Linc Port 2. Hezron Murgha 3. Brett Anderson (c) 18. Javid Bowen 20. Ryan Ghietti 7. Sam Obst 8. Jack Svendsen 9. Jason Roos (c) 10. Patrick Kaufusi 11. Vaipuna Tia Kilifi 12. Graham Clark 13. Tom Hancock 14. Jordan Biondi-Odo 22. Ben Spina 16. Sheldon Powe-Hobbs 17. David Murphy 4. Justin Castellaro