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Queensland Rangers
- Captains Run
- Queensland V New South Wales
- 23 July 2016 
- Pizzey Park, Gold Coast, Qld 
- Scott Davis

The XXXX Queensland Rangers are focusing on repeating last year's complete performance to maintain their dominance of their NSW rivals today at Pizzey Park, Gold Coast. Kickoff is at 4pm.

The team is formed from the state's best A-grade players each year and Coach Craig Grauf says there is no lack of motivation to perform. “There is nothing better than winning for Queensland and we will want to continue that dominance and keep the good run going.

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“When you put that maroon jersey on, you always want to do it proud, play with discipline and putting your best foot forward."

Last year, the Rangers squad shut out their NSW Ron Massey Cup rivals 32-0 in Coffs Harbour and have set that level of performance as their benchmark. 

Rangers Maeli Seve and Jason Wardrop know that benchmark well, having played in last year's game. The duo will go around again this year and provide valuable experience to the team at Pizzey Park on Sunday.

Sunday, July 24:

Representative match: XXXX Queensland Rangers v NSW Ron Massey Cup team at Pizzey Park, Burleigh Bears RLFC

Kick-off: 4pm

XXXX Queensland Rangers

1. Maeli Seve (Norths Devils)

2. Ono So'oialo (Ipswich Jets)

3. Steven Franciscus (Gatton Hawks)

4. Kennedy Pettybourne (West Brisbane Panthers)

5. Corey Blades (Toowoomba Souths)

6. Mitchell Wilson (Redcliffe Dolphins)

7. Christopher Ash (Ipswich Jets)

8. Trent Richardson (Warwick Cowboys)

9. Brendan Grulke (Roma Cities)

10. Troy Kapea (Townsville Blackhawks)

11. Lachlan Roe (Ipswich Jets)

12. Tyson White (CQ Capras)

13. Ivan Petelo (Proserpine Brahmans)

14. Christopher Aiton (Valleys)

15. Josh Hoffman (Wynnum Manly Seagulls)

16. Jason Wardrop (Maroochydore/Coolum)

17. Rueben Baillie (Across The Waves)

18. Troy Leo (Southport Tigers)

Coach: Craig Grauf

NSW Ron Massey Cup representative team

1. Gerard McCallum (Hills)

2. Jordan Martin (Mounties)

3. Ethan Tangira (Wentworthville)

4. Jeco Makatoa (Asquith Magpies)

5. Alex Nicholls-O’neill (Asquith Magpies)

6. Jake Walsh (Mounties)

7. Chad Porter (Mounties)

8. Andrew Pearn (Wentworthville)

9. Jarrod Brackenhofer (Mounties)

10. Shane Shackleton (Guildford)

11. Jordan Latham (Asquith Magpies)

12. Steven Tavita (Mounties)

13. Mitchell Stanfield (Wentworthville)

14. Joel Latham (Asquith Magpies)

15. Kenny Niko (Cabramatta)

16. Alexander Mammone (Asquith Magpies)

17. Inno Inosesio (Western Suburbs Magpies)

18. Joseph Gardiner (Guildford)

Coach: Chris Yates