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The race to the end of the Toowoomba Junior Rugby League season has begun, with many clubs feeling the excitement.

The TJRL’s recent change to the President’s Cup format means that the top two teams after Round 1 play for the President’s Cup when the two teams play each other in the second round.

On Saturday, the Dalby Devils took on the Valleys Roosters for the Under 15 TJRL President’s Cup.

Congratulations to Dalby who were victorious, 26-22.

Dalby 26 (J. Chappell 2, B. Tate, K. Bond, M. Brady tries; J. Chappell 3 goals) defeated Valleys 22 (J. Heery, M. Grealy, K. Hopkins, T. Hatch tries; M. Grealy 3 goals)

This Saturday will see the Brothers Leprechauns take on the Highfields Eagles for the Under 13 President’s Cup; while in Gatton, the Hawks will take on the Dalby Devils for the Under 11/12 Development Cup President’s Cup.

TJRL President Dan Aldons would like to all participants of the expectations of their behaviour in the coming weeks, particularly in the run to the finals.

“It’s positive or it’s pointless,” Aldons said.

For the second year running, the TJRL will join with the QRL Central Division, Local Leagues and clubs to support the Division’s RizeUp Round.

Aldons encourages all participants to get behind this wonderful charity who is committed to breaking the cycle of domestic violence.

“The RizeUp Charity provides real practical assistance to victims of domestic violence by helping to furnish and fill a home with basic essential items that families would normally need when moving into a bare home,” Aldons said.

RizeUp makes sure that homes families are moving into are complete with love and care from the community.

If you can help by donating any laundry or kitchen items, please drop off items to your local TJRL match this Saturday or drop to the Toowoomba QRL Office at 6 Cress Street, Toowoomba.


Gatton Hawks v Oakey Bears

UNDER 12: Oakey 26 (C. Williamson 2, R. Lucht, K. Turnball, T. Boxsell tries; T. Boxswell goal) defeated Gatton 22 (K. Brown 2, J. Taylor, W. Cook tries; R. Wilson, T. Grills, J. Taylor goals)

UNDER 13: Gatton 22 (C. Liston 3, C. Brown, L. Hazard tries; K. Buhse goal) defeated Oakey 4 (B. Beyer try).

Highfields Eagles v Pittsworth Danes

UNDER 12: Highfields defeated Pittsworth

UNDER 13: Highfields defeated Pittsworth

UNDER 15: Pittsworth 40 (S Free 3, P McGinn 3, L Ruhle tries; D Woodbridge 5, K Grimshaw goals) defeated Highfields 14 (T Voll 2, B Cesari tries; E Norris, goal).

UNDER 16: Highfields 50 (A Brighton, L Clarkson, S Connor, C Haywood 3, W King, J Sullivan 2 tries; D Flanagan 7 goals) defeated Pittsworth 10 (C Berghofer, D Woodbridge tries; D Woodbridge goal)

Souths Tigers v Brothers Leprechauns

UNDER 12: Brothers 32 (J. Rei, K. Timms, H. Ford, E. Hawks, B. Smith 2 tries; A. Clews, M. Simpkin 2, J. Cherry goals) defeated Souths 6 (B. Roche try; B Bingham goal)

UNDER 11/12 DC: Souths 26 (T. Cameron 2, K. Roche, B. Bingham, J. Litidamu tries; T. Cameron, T. Beezley, B. Bingham goals) defeated Brothers 24 (A. Clews 4, E. Brotherton tries; A. Clews, E. Brotherton goals)

UNDER 13: Brothers defeated Souths

UNDER 14: Brothers 34 (R. McLaughlin, J. Thurston 2, R. Hartwig 2, K. Thompson tries; R. Land, R. Wockner 4 goals) defeated Souths 32 (L. Croome, L. Gray, J. Neale, N. Kleidon 2, R. Burns tries, R. Burns 4 goals)

UNDER 13/14 DC: Souths 26 (M. Bloom, J. Reimers, M. Berg 3, L. Gray tries; M. Berg goal) def Brothers 14 (M. Quinlan, J. Schulz 2 tries; H. Shelton goal)

UNDER 15: Souths 38 (E. Witherspoon 3, D. Blanck, B. Murphy 2, C. Fechner tries; J. Campbell, J. Pike 4 goals) defeated Brothers 22 (T. Withers 2, R. Nugent, T. Andrews, F. Kaiser Capmwell tries; L. Dray goal).

UNDER 16: Souths defeated Brothers.

Valleys Roosters v Dalby Diehards

UNDER 12: Dalby 40 (M. Nolan 2, B. Skinner, J. Flanagan, D. Va’a, J. Gillett, T. Harms, B. Rathmell tries; M. Nolan, H. Cooper, B. Skinner, B. Rathmell goals) defeated Valleys 0

UNDER 13: Valleys 34 (K. Dimment 2, D. Blades, Y. Willis-Duncan, J. Robinson, S. Suey, D. Whittingham tries; K. Carr 2, D. Whittingham goals) defeated Dalby 8 (C. McGee, H. Cooper tries)

UNDER 13/14 DC: Valleys 34 (L. Cantwell 3, H. Stinson, A. Weribone, K. Carr, S. Saunders tries; B. Price, A. Weribone, K. Carr, M. Andreadis goals) defeated Dalby 20 (L. Ross, J. McKernan, H. Morgan, L. Bidstrup, R. Cann tries)

UNDER 14: Dalby 36 (X. Va’a 2, J. Gibbs-Turnbull 2, B. Everitt 2, M. O’Leary, tries; B. Everitt 2, A. Lindsay 2 goals) defeated Valleys 4 (P. Weatherall try)

UNDER 15: Dalby 26 (J. Chappell 2, B. Tate, K. Bond, M. Brady tries; J. Chappell 3 goals) defeated Valleys 22 (J. Heery, M. Grealy, K. Hopkins, T. Hatch tries; M. Grealy 3 goals)

UNDER 16: Valleys 24 (D. Buckley, A. Kwereng, C. Purcell, J. Lawson, N. Anderton tries; D. Buckley 2 goals) defeated Dalby 22 (N. Brady, S. Gillespie 2, J. Chappell tries; J. Chappell 3 goals)

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