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Four sets of twins feature in Kangaroos Under 14s team

It seems there's something in the water in Cairns with four sets of twins playing in Kangaroos Under 14 junior boys team this year.

What is quite remarkable is there is only one set of twins who are confirmed monozygotic (identical), however it seems no-one can tell any of them apart on the field - even their coach Les Williams.

Williams is always asking "which one are you?", while the parents all cheer "go twin", unless they can remember what colour boots or jersey number they are wearing.

The players usually know which twin they are talking to off-field, but on-field, they just call for the ball with "twin".

When asked how they know which twin they are calling to; their simple answer is "the one with the ball".

In May, the Caisley twins Noah and Aidan were selected in the Cairns District Junior Rugby League Under 14 representative team to play in the Northern Region Junior Rugby League Championships in Townsville.

They all have quite a close friendship and socialise together. Only two sets of twins attend the same school and there is quite a diverse cultural mix with Papua New Guinea, Japanese, Philipino and Italian heritages. 

Jett and Connor Boggian have been at Kangaroos Junior Rugby League Club since Under 6, Chaz and Dyson Nelder since Under 8, Aiden and Noah since Under 13 while Peter and Brian Kokiai-Jacobs are new this year.

Main image: L-R - Brian and Peter Kokiai-Jacobs, Noah and Aidan Caisley, Chaz and Dyson Nelder and Connor and Jett Boggian are the four sets of twins who play in Kangaroos Under 14s team.

Photo: Catherine Boggian