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Teutau's return bolsters West End

On March 18, 1995; Michael Jordan sent out a fax that simply said... 'I am back'.

Huskie Teutau did not send out a fax, he just ripped into the defence and let that be his message to the Volunteers Cup and plenty of rivals would have read it.

The last time Teutau played a game of football was Round 23 last year in the Intrust Super Cup - his 103rd game for Ipswich against the Falcons on the Sunshine Coast.

Last week, the former Jet had nothing else to do so decided that footy was a way to fill an afternoon.

“I have wanted to combine football and CrossFit... I love them both so just have to find a way to get both in my life," Teutau said.

The rampaging forward loved being back.

“I loved it, loved playing for West End," the prop-forward said.

Huskie is sure that West End can fix a few things as the season goes along.

“I think our edge defence is a big reason we are letting teams back in games," Teutau said.

“It’s really important that in both attack and defence, your edge is working well.

“That is something I would like to contribute to fixing at West End and then I think we can compete with Valleys and Goodna."

This weekend, Round 7 action will be played at Norths Ipswich with Valleys to kick things off against Souths.

The Roosters were so close to putting their flag on top of the Goodna castle with a 46-40 loss in their Round 6 clash that saw plenty of chances to take the lead.

15 tries in a game is astronomical and Valleys scored seven tries, so the disappointment will be that it should have been enough to win the game.

The Toowoomba juggernaut got away to a tremendous start - up 12-0 - and even at half-time, they would've been happy with 24-18.

Valleys can take many positives out of the loss but at the same time, they will be filing it under ‘what if'.

Souths have struck winning form and confidence after their terrible loss to Goodna in Round 5, showing plenty of intestinal fortitude to come back and win 18-12 over West End at the weekend.

The Bulldogs were in front for 70 minutes but could not seal the deal and Souths finished over the top of them.

The Tigers have now gone from bottom of the table to closing in a semi-final spot with Blake Lollback outstanding, scoring two tries when his team was screaming out for some points.

With West End taking on Gatton, the Bulldogs will be looking in the mirror this week and wondering what went wrong... they led Souths for 70 minutes but still found a way to lose.

It is very hard to win a game with players in the sin bin for 10 minutes and West End will be analysing their discipline this week.

Gatton were on the end of close loss last round, initially behind 12-4 at half-time, but then the momentum came their way and suddenly they were up 14-12 with 10 minutes to go.

It was the Hawks allowing Norths' Ty Humphries to score his sixth try in three games that cost them, losing 18-14.

Gatton need to manage those shifts in the game and take control once they have contest by the throat.

The final game of the round is a classic Ipswich derby between Norths and Gatton.

The Tigers fought hard to get back into the game against Gatton - down 14-12 with 10 minutes to go - until Humphries' try sealed the deal.

Their defence held up, even with the Hawks applying plenty of pressure; and despite the ugly win, it’s runs and no one remembers what the runs look like.

Norths are now in second spot on eight points and ready to take the lid off a finals campaign.

The Eagles were like the Queensland Rail train that rolls through Goodna in the afternoon, on time and safe under pressure.

A 46-40 win might suggest defence was not high on their list of things to do Saturday, but they still got the win and remain undefeated.

Goodna’s fullback Bessie Aufaga-Toomaga was outstanding again with 22 points, helping them come back from 12-0 down.