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It's worth typing Shallin Fuller into google.

If you haven't heard or seen the Titans recruit play before, you need to watch some of the highlights that this young man has produced in his short career to date.

Quickly making his way through the grades at the Burleigh Bears, Fuller finished the season in the Intrust Super Cup.

He'll join the Titans on a development contract for the 2022 season.

After his first week of pre-season training, he sat with Titans winger Corey Thompson to talk about his plans for the upcoming season.

CT: Tell us a little bit about yourself...

SF:  I'm a young Aboriginal man from Muli Muli over in Northern New South Wales.

I moved over to Burleigh in 2019 and played my first Colts game there.

I'm a late bloomer to rugby league, I started playing footy around 16 or 17.

CT:  What are you looking forward to the most about joining the Titans for pre-season?

SF: The training and the fitness, it is all new to me.

It's my first time in a fulltime training facility and I'm keen to just work on my game.

CT:  Is there anyone that isn't at pre-season yet, some of the older boys, that you're looking forward to training with or learning off?

SF:  JC (Jayden Campbell), to get back with our combination and I'm keen to play alongside David (Fifita) and train with him I look up to him.  I would say Tanah (Boyd) but he is at Burleigh too so me and him have probably got a good connection too."

CT:  For the backend of the season you got called up to Queensland Cup, tell us about what you learned and the difference between playing against kids and moving up to play against men?

SF:  It was a big move for me, especially with my weight.  I was weighing around 70-something when I was playing 20's and now I'm close to 90kg.  That is better for me in my defence.  I learnt a lot in my defence and it's more structured and physical too than the 20's.

CT: How long is your development contract for at the Titans?

SF: Its for one year.  I'd love to stay on the Gold Coast.  I don't want to leave this place.

CT: We've all seen your highlights especially playing 20's and Queensland Cup and the boys are excited to have you as part of the club and to thrive off the energy that you play with.  We're looking forward to joining you and having a big pre-season.