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Season cancellation

Is there a date for abandonment of the 2020 season?

There will not be a blanket decision made by QRL across all competitions. This decision will be made by individual leagues / competitions on what they see as practical.

The QRL has outlined a return to play date of July 24 should local leagues wish to return in 2020, pending they have fulfilled the requirements as set out in the Handbook. 

A full list of Queensland local leagues with their current competition status can be found here.

I am unsure about participating this year due to COVID-19, am I entitled to a refund from my local club?

This is an agreement between the individual and club. QRL does not seek any payments or affiliation fees from club registration fees.

QRL certainly appreciates that many people have been affected financially during the pandemic, but clubs have also incurred costs during this time. 

Should you be experiencing financial hardship, negotiate with your club in good faith in an attempt to reach an amicable solution. This might be by way of a partial refund of transferring registration fees over to next year.  

If my club decides not to play in 2020, can I transfer to another club that is playing?

Yes, all that is required is a portability permit to the secondary club. 

Your primary club will remain as the original club you initially registered for in 2020.  The portability permit allows you to play all games for secondary club (irrespective of League or Region) and be covered by their insurance. 

If an injury was to occur, then the secondary club would need to lodge the insurance claim through their policy and on your behalf. 

At the end of the season, the permit will expire and your active registration will remain with your primary / original club.