The NRL’s Game Development Department now offers an online LeagueSafe Course. The LeagueSafe accreditation is the minimum requirement to enter the field of play as set down by the Australian Rugby League On Field Policy.

The accreditation teaches males and females how to apply the correct safety procedures during your involvement as an on-field trainer or on-field “attendant” of the game.

There are many attendants who assist in some way by “entering the field of play” to administer water, relay messages etc.

This online awareness course is designed to create a healthy, safe environment and is meant to advise and prepare on-field personnel other than Accredited First Aid Officers of what to look for in an injured/ill player, what to do and what not to do until a qualified person arrives and general safety and care procedures for players.

To complete the online course, please refer to the NRL Game Development LeagueSafe course.

The NRL Game Development Department offers Level 1 and Level 2 Sports Trainer Courses.
To register for a Course in your area please refer to the NRL Game Development website.