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Bryce Holdsworth

Born in Bradford, United Kingdom; at the age of 8, Holdsworth and his family immigrated to Australia and has now lived in Bundaberg for 31 years with his wife and four children.

He was born into a rugby league family and has experienced the many roles that community rugby league can offer, including as a player, coach, sports trainer, referee and administrator.

After working in construction for most of his life, Holdsworth was fortunate to gain employment with the NRL in the game development team based in South West Queensland. The role relocated him and his family to Roma, where they lived for just over two years.

This was a great experience and valuable life lesson for Holdsworth and his family to understand how rugby league can be used as a vehicle to bring people together, no matter what hurdles or circumstances communities faced.

He experienced and saw firsthand the hardships and challenges community members tackled off-field day-to-day, including the drought crisis and low socioeconomic factors that create greater risk of poor mental wellbeing.

After moving back to Bundaberg, Holdsworth was again fortunate to gain employment with  the QRL as a league and club coordinator in Wide Bay. He has now recently transitioned into the QRL wellbeing team as the wellbeing operations manager for Central Queensland.

Holdsworth is extremely passionate about supporting all rugby league communities throughout Central Queensland by providing education and creating awareness on all wellbeing topics.

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