Contact Us

Contact Us

Rugby League Central Queensland
83 Castlemaine Street MILTON QLD 4064
POSTAL: Locked Bag 3000 PADDINGTON QLD 4064
Phone: (07) 3367 6000
Facsimile: (07) 3367 6085

General Enquiries -
Rachelle Wheeler: Reception
Katrena Maas: Reception
Robert Moore: Managing Director
Kelly Reddy: Executive Assistant to the Managing Director
Jane Shand: HR Manager
Darren Schooth: State Operations Manager
Arthur Eustace-Earle: Government Relations Manager
Rohan Sawyer: Chief Operating Officer

General Football Enquiries:
Dave Maiden: Manager of Major Competitions
Dinah Glykidis: Executive Support Officer - Competitions
Jemma Whitnall: Support Officer - Competitions  
Ken Cooper: Major Competitions Scores Coordinator
Joe McDermott: Manager - Game Development and High Performance
Mitchell Constance: Projects & Representative Program Manager
John Topp: Referees’ Operations Officer
Eddie Ward: Referees’ Academy Manager 
Anne Tanner: Project Support
QAS Enquiries:

Membership Enquiries:
Ticket Enquiries:
Jessica Walker: Senior Brand & Marketing Manager
Hayley Smith: Fan Engagement Manager
Caitlin Devin: Marketing Coordinator
Callan Jones: Creative & Design Lead
Park Paensuk: Graphic Designer

Corporate Partnership Enquiries:
Corporate Hospitality Enquiries:
Lou Gardiner: Senior Sponsorships Manager
Phil Wuersching: Partnerships Account Manager
Kylie Lonergan: Partnerships & Stakeholder Engagement Manager
Karlie Curtis: Partnerships & Events Coordinator

Media Enquiries:
Michael Hillier: Media Manager

Digital Enquiries:
Mitch Wilson: Senior Digital Manager
Bill Scurfield: Digital Producer
Colleen Edwards: Digital Producer / Female Participation Media
Harrison Lee: Video Editor
Nathan Jones: Digital Producer - Social Media

General Finance Enquiries:
Accounts Payable Enquiries:
Graham Maher: Chief Financial Officer 
Louise Kennedy: Senior Accountant
Aidan Wade: Assistant Accountant