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QRL Diversity and Inclusion Plan

The QRL Diversity and Inclusion action plan specifically identifies our goals and aspirations across priority areas of gender, culture and all abilities and are aligned to the themes of;

  • Thriving participation
  • Equitable services and space
  • Diverse and aware workforce
All priorities
Immediate (2020 - 2021)
  • Acknowledgement of all bodies we are associated with / memberships to be reflected in email signatures and on the QRL website
  • Development of a Diversity and Inclusion calendar acknowledging significant dates for QRL to recognise
  • Identify grant and funding application opportunities to enable expansion across all programs
  • Identify specific SLT and Board KPI’s relating to diversity and inclusion
  • Ensure all QRL policy documents reflect the visibility of the QRL Diversity and Inclusion strategy
  • Communicate key statistics and data and include within Diversity and Inclusion framework
  • Ensure all new & existing employees receive cultural awareness training when commencing employment
  • All QRL staff to complete discrimination and harassment training via Play by the Rules
  • Identify and secure former Maroons players to act as ambassadors
  • Build an internal network of workplace champions across QRL employees for Diversity and Inclusion
  • Engagement from the Maroons squad across programs during Origin camp and Christmas window
  • Develop content in line with the above to communicate work conducted and QRL messages

  • Operation of a minimum of one event to draw attention to a respective pillar each year

  • Meet with other sporting organisations and corporates to gather key learnings in order to better grow our own programs

  • Representation of all Pillars on the QRL and Regional Boards

  • Establishment of the Maroons Foundation to support development and growth of programs (by 2021)

  • Minimum of four social and inclusion partners for the QRL by 2021

  • Provide targeted mental health education program aimed at educating communities on the impacts of discriminatory behaviour and language

  • Celebrate the achievement of volunteers specifically working to promote diversity and inclusion across rugby league

  • Identify learning and development opportunities in diversity and inclusion across the QRL network.

  • Trial dynamic working environments across all QRL departments

Gender Pillar

Immediate (2020 - 2021)

  • QRL to become a member of Pride in Sport
  • Display pride flags at our desks and on our email signatures
  • Understanding the numbers of LGBTIQ+ participants across QRL competitions
  • Engage with Queensland Citizenship about provision of participation information and membership information to engage with the game of rugby league
  • QRL representative to become a Male Champion for Change ; have representatives in each region
  • Develop a rugby league Inclusive team to play within the suburban competition
  • Celebrate a Pride Round within the Intrust Super Cup
  • Celebrate Pride Round not just in Intrust Super Cup but across all grassroots clubs
  • Recognise and celebrate IDAHOBIT Day ; Pride Month and other key dates on the LGBTIQ+ calendar throughout the year
  • Identify further gender neutral elements of our work space to ensure an inclusion environment has been created ie bathrooms
  • Guidance for clubs on how to manage transgender players transitioning in competitions
  • Provide policy documents on behaviour and
  • acceptable language within clubs
  • Actions relating to the promotion and development of female participation in rugby league are highlighted in the QRL Female Strategy
  • Investing in educational tools and resources to enable players, volunteers, coaches, support staff and match officials to reach their potential in the female game
  • Creating sustainable participation across the state supporting pathways for female players, coaches, and match officials from community to elite level
  • Securing a pipeline of investment in the female game to ensure long-term facilities and resources for our regions, local leagues and clubs
  • Tailoring promotion of the female game to increase fan engagement
  • Partnering with organisations that actively promote growth in the female game
  • Fostering equality by supporting females into leadership and governance roles
  • Identify and provide access to development opportunities specifically targeted at female leaders.
  • Target opportunities for female leaders in key leadership positions within QRL leadership structure, including the QRL Board.

All abilities

Immediate (2020 - 2021)

  • QRL to formalise affiliation with Wheelchair Rugby League
  • Forge strategic partnership with Allied Health to support in the development of programs
  • Join Sporting Wheelies as a member to gain access to potential support, resources and funding
  • Formalise statewide eligibility criteria of children with a disability (both physical and intellectual), playing down age groups, in order to stay within the game
  • Communicate a minimum of six good new stories of rugby league providing an outlet to those experiencing a disability annually
  • Develop all abilities coaching and overall administration program
  • Expansion of all ability rugby league programs into schools
  • Create a centralised portal of Queensland-wide all abilities programs and where programs may be accessed
  • All QRL Leagues to offer All Ability Carnival
  • Further education on All Abilities sectorvolunteers support forum, to assist in the management of programs


  • Look to develop a statewide competition / carnival or outlet for those with learning and perceptual challenges
  • All Abilities Gala Carnival in each region