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Cape Cluster Round 2 report Kowanyama; Saturday, July 13

The Kowanyama field was extensively watered to ensure players safety was paramount. The field does require some work though to ensure adequate grass coverage which reduces injuries.

Despite this, the tough rugby league players of the Cape proceeded to play entertaining rugby league all weekend. This is the first full round of the Cape Cluster to be held in Kowanyama since the inception of the new format and the community was buzzing with excitement to see their beloved Minh Kulars (Wallabies) play on home turf after travelling away for each of the last four years.

Lockhart River, Weipa Raiders, Coen Colts and the recently reformed Pormpuraaw Crocs under the guidance of new coach Gus Nawaqa all attended the cluster games in Kowanyama. It was disappointing to see Napranum Natives withdraw prior to the weekends games.

It is imperative that each community respects what all communities have to endure in order to compete in the Cape Cluster considerable time, effort and money are invested each and every week for these players just to be able to play the Greatest Game of All.

Kowanyama have travelled and contributed to every other community over the past four years and have never forfeited despite it costing upwards of $2000 in fuel alone each and every time they play rugby league in the Cape Cluster and they rely on the income they receive from their one and only home game to be self-sustainable.

The community and the volunteers and helpers behind the club can feel justifiably proud of the contribution they make to ensure they have a disciplined and committed rugby league team.

The rugby league kicked off with a hard fought game between Coen and Pormpuraaw it was great to see the Crocs back in action after missing the first round and they had many players willing and able to compete. They narrowly went down to the Colts in their first game back and it was an entertaining match with some punishing defence and sizzling attack from both teams with the travelling and very vocal Pormpuraaw community really getting behind their team.

Weipa Raiders did well to field a side after running out of vehicles to get all their players down for the nine hour journey to Kowanyama. However, they did get on the paddock despite being a few short and they came up against the very entertaining Lockhart River Scorpions. The Scorpions won both of their matches over the weekend and if they get all their team together on the paddock, they have a formidable side that can challenge and beat any side on the Cape.

Coen Colts were also lacking a full side but were very competitive in their opening two games. They will look to field a full strength side when the Cluster Comp resumes in Lockhart River before Coen hosts the final round on August 24. The finals will also be held in Coen on September 7 and it is hoped that the NPA will bring a side down to play over the weekend.

The next round of the Cape Cluster is due to be held in Lockhart River on Saturday, August 10. The Lockhart Community is also really looking forward to the occasion and are working hard to get their facilities ready for their first games in two years.

Cluster Comp games:

Rd 3 Aug 10: Lockhart River

Rd 4 Aug 24: Coen

Finals Sept 7: Coen

Kowanyama: Cape Cluster Comp Rnd 2:

Coen Colts 34 (Gabriel Creek 2, Jake Finlay, Eldine Creek, Dylan Creek, Darby Sellars 1 tries, Stephen Giblet 4, Darby Sellars 1 goals) def Pormpuraaw Crocs 24 (Raymond Coleman 2, Peter Tybingoompa, Kiren Tarpencha, Wesley Coleman 1 tries, Paul Bernard 2 goals),

Lockhart River Scorpions 42 (Chris Johnson Jnr 2 tries, Lionel Hobson, Solomon Accoom, David Mooka, Scott Accoom, Chris Johnson Snr 1 tries, Isaac Rokeby 4, Chris Johnson snr 1 goal) def Weipa Raiders 8 (Chris Namok, William York 1 tries)

Kowanyama Wallabies 28 (Elron Lawrence, Terry Tommy, Raymond Goggleye, Tyson Smiler, Tony Daniels 1 tries, Elron Lawrence 4 goals) def Pormpuraaw Crocs 0,

Lockhart River Scorpions 26 (Wayne Butcher 2, Solomon Accoom, Scott Accoom, Chris Johnson jnr 1 tries, Isaac Rokeby 3 goals) def Coen Colts 22 (Darby Sellars 2, Dion Creek, Eldine Creek 1 tries, Darby Sellars 2, Gabriel Creek 1 goals),

Pormpuraaw Crocs 26 (Paul Bernard 2, Brendan Coleman, Clinton Holroyd, David Wilson 1 tries, Paul Bernard 3 goals) def Weipa Raiders 22 (Stewart Pryce 2, Karl Adams, Michael Yam 1 tries, Chris Namok 3 goals),

Kowanyama Wallabies def Coen Colts (forfeit due to injuries).