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“Pink Day" at Pittsworth was held at the Junior Rugby League fixtures against Highfields last Saturday to raise some much needed funds for the Cancer Council Australia.

The club held a cake stall, ran raffles and the Under 16 boys donned the Pink jersey in their game.

Although the weather was cold and wet the day was still well supported and the boys looked a treat in their new pink jerseys. The club wishes to express their sincere gratitude to those who supplied goods for the cake stall which for the third year in a row was a great success.


Under 11

HIGHFIELDS 28 (TRIES: Blake Cesari 2, Alex Hintz, George Pola, Lachlan Fanning, Goals: Lachlan Davies, Blake Cesari, George Christodoulou, Laclahn Fanning) Def PITTSWORTH 0

Under 12

PITTSWORTH 20 (TRIES: Stewart Free, Patrick McGinn, Blake Jackson, Maquarie Moffat, Goals: David Woodbridge, Kobi Grimshaw) Def HIGHFIELDS 12 ( TRIES: Preston Weatherall, Joshua Quinlan 2)

Under 11/12 Dev Cup

HIGHFIELDS 14 (TRIES: Lachlan Davis, Ethan Connor, Wapu Elara, Goal Lachlan Davis) Def PITTSWORTH 0

Under 13

HIGHFIELDS 49 (TRIES: Alexande Brighton, Nathan Truscott 3, Teketel Tyson 2, Cory Haywood, Jack Sullivan, Sebatitian Connor, Goals Joshua Adam 5, Cory Haywood, and Cory Haywood Field goal) Def PITTSWORTH 6 (Tries: Travis Smith Goal Jeffrey Roberts)

Under 14

HIGHFIELDS 12 (TRIES: Zachary Croft, Jack Kennedy, Tyler Hegarty) Def PITTSWORTH 4 (TRY Jayden Grimshaw)

Under 13/14 Dev Cup

PITTSWORTH 12 (TRIES: Jayden Grimshaw, Lachlan Thompson 2) Def HIGHFIELDS 10 (TRIES: Michael Ryan, Noah Bruggerman, Goal Dylan Sheppard)

Under 16

PITTSWORTH 44 (TRIES: Jack Cornford 2, Nicholas sharp, Jordan O’Shea, Brady Manktelow, Simon Kahler, James Quinn 3, Goals Marcus Fitzgerald 4) Def HIGHFIELDS 8 (TRIES Cooper Bowyer, Cody Tuira)


Under 11

DALBY 32 (TRIES: Charlie Hiesler 2, Sam Morris 2, Alex Lindsay & Rowen Carroll GOALS:  Blayden Dodd, Dusty Brown & Alex Lindsay) def BROTHERS 6 (TRIES: Nick Russell GOALS: Nick Russell)    

Under 12

DALBY 18 (TRIES: Max Brady, Josh Chappell, Daelon Rolls & Zac Singleton GOALS:  Daelon Rolls) def BROTHERS 14 (TRIES: Bailey Hope 2 & Flynn Kaiser GOALS: Steven McKay 

Under 11/12 D/C

DALBY 22 (TRIES: Keeley Walkinshaw, Brock Green 3 & Laithen Taylor GOALS:  Ben Richardson-Rush BROTHERS O    

Under 13

DALBY 20 (TRIES: James Heinrich 1, Kuyahn Dunrobin, Lytana King-Togia & Harley Barbarich GOALS: James Heinrich & Blake Suhr)  def BROTHERS 14 (TRIES: Brad Groves & Finn Campbell GOALS: Jamie Dolly) 

Under 14

BROTHERS 28 (TRIES: Josh Bathgate, Jackson O’Gradey, Lokee Brookes, Tom Wagner 2, Heath Dean & Jeremy Smith GOALS: 0  def DALBY 22 (TRIES: Travis Babington, William Hall, Conor Brady & Nicholas Bruce GOALS: Jason Weier & Nicholas Bruce 2 

Under 13/14 D/C

DALBY 40 (TRIES: Rhyce Keehan, Matthew McGee, Luke Dale 3, Jaylan Bond, Harrison Child & Josh Ashelford GOALS: Joseph Farrell, Jaylan Bond 2 & Tresmauel Hooper   BROTHERS 18 (TRIES: Dylan Gleeson, Jayden Anderson & Logan James GOALS: Dylan Gleeson, Nick Hansen & Luke Williams  

Under 15

BROTHERS 50 (TRIES: Luke Neale 2, Sam McGrath 2, Corey Russell, Nathaniel Birchley 2 & Patrick Collins GOALS: Sean Scanlan, Daniel Smith 4 & Luke Neale 4 def DALBY 10 (TRIES: Lewis Boyd & Jay Boyd GOALS: Travis Tate 

Under 16

BROTHERS 32 (TRIES: Bryson Rac krisman, Will O’Grady 2, Sam Betros, Mitchell Revell & Jordan Kila GOALS: Bryson Rackrisman & Sam Betros 3) def DALBY 22 (TRIES: Lewis Boyd, Matthew Gilliland 2 & Beau Fermor GOALS: Beau Fermor 2 & Cody Milne)



Souths 38 (Tries: Dylan Sloan, Sam Reuter, Hayden Webcke, Nicholas  Morgan, Zachery Bauer, Noah Dwyer, Billy Danine, Angus Wright, Jonathan Ziebell, William Doige; Goals; Dylan Sloan, Sam Reuter, Hayden Webcke, Nicholas Morgan,  Brayden Paix, Billy Danine, Angus Wright, Thomas Stocker, Jonathan Ziebell) def Oakey


Souths (Tries: Blake Northdorf, Nick Soppa, George Ryan, Kai Willliamson- Duggan, Jesse Campbell, Mitch Knoaugh; Goals: Blake Northdorft, Nick Soppa, Jesse Campbell, Mitch Knough, Jaydon Mills, Seth Peters, Seth Long) def Oakey


Souths (Tries: Brandon Trost, Nicholas Kuhnemann, Reece Liston, Jordan Lipp, Thomas Browne, Corey Wright, Cooper Howlett, Connor Williams; Goals: Jordan Lipp) def Oakey


Souths 30 (Tries: Chad Peters, Cory Paix, Jai Cooke, Luke Maiden; Goals: Cory Paix) def Oakey 16 (Tries: Reece OÇonnel,  Dylan Crump, Kyle Petersen; Goals Dylan Crump)

UNDER 13/14 D/C:

Oakey 30 (Tries: Reece  OÇonnell, Isaiah Gill, Drew Crooks, Harry Dowling; Goals: Isaiah Gill, Brodie Benson) def Souths 12 (Tries: J Crocker, Caleb Lehman; Goals: Ben Howard, Kurt Richardson)