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In the second week of the school holidays, three Toowoomba Rugby League Referees Association members will be heading to officiate at the Under 11 and Under 12 Schoolboys State Carnivals.

Brennan Brown is a 17-year-old in his fourth year of refereeing after finishing his footy career at the age of eight due to injury.

He has been awarded one of the official positions at the Under 12’s carnival for schoolboys to be held in Goondiwindi.

Brennan has had a lot of experience at this level as last year he refereed the Under 13 major semi-final and touch judged the next two Under 13 finals.

This year Brennan went to Chinchilla and refereed at the Mustang trials. He also officiated the Under 12 Presidents Cup game.

Pittsworth boys Marcus Fitzgerald and Alex Anderson (pictured) have also been rewarded for their efforts, with the pair selected to officiate at the Under 11 Vic Jensen Schoolboys State Champs to be held at Wynnum. Both boys are 16 and have played football since they were six-years-old, and are still currently playing for the Pittsworth Danes in their last year of junior footy.

Marcus and Alex started refereeing three years ago and recently went to the Mustang trials at Chinchilla along with Brennan. 

** TJRL results 

Brothers v Gatton

Under 11:

GATTON 10 (Tries: Chayse Hoger, Nathan Kleidon; Goals: Dylan Boyd) Def BROTHERS 6 (Tries: Darcy Ramsey; Goals Darcy Ramsey)

Under 12:

BROTHERS 42 (Tries: Bailey Hope, Joshua Ronnfeldt x 3, Jack McDonald, Flynn Kaiser x 3, Steven McKay; Goals: Joshua Ronnfeldt, Wilson Cochrane, Flynn

Kaiser) Def GATTON 8 (Tries: Tom Longdale-Hunt; Goals: Chase Hoger)

Under 11/12 DEV Cup:     

GATTON 16 (Tries: Kaden Bushe, Nathan Gaffney, Jack Palmer, Bailey Hull) Def BROTHERS 10 (Tries: Riley Land, Zac Ratcliffe; Goals:

Matthew Pomfrett)

Under 13:

GATTON 40 (Tries: Luke Davies, x 2, Josh Hoger x 2, Dylan Flanagan, Jackson Morgan, Liam Tillack; Goals: Dylan Flanagan x 5, Laim Tillack) Def BROTHERS 8

(Tries: Jackson Darcy, Callum Ward)

Under 14:

BROTHERS 50 (Tries: Matt Perin, Jacob Waters x 2, Jaiyden Craige, Luke Fraser, Dan Rub x 2, Tom Wagner x 3; Goals: Matt Perrin x 5) Def GATTON 8 (tries:

Macen Job, Jake Brauer)

Under 13/14 DEV Cup:     

BROTHERS 40 (Tries: Den Waters, Sam Wilson x 3, Ben Wessling, Jayden Anderson, Logan James x 3; Goals: Jayden Askin, Jack Morris) Def GATTON 14 (Tries: Josh Chalker x 2; Goals: Casey Jahnke)

Under 15:

BROTHERS 46 (Tries: Callum Langton, Caleb Elliot, Luke Neale, Jacob Edwards x 3, Matthew Hart, Patrick Collins; Goals: Luke Neale x 6, Dominick Treherne)

Def GATTON 16 (Tries: Jayden Frizzel, Daneil Nolan, James, Reanson; Goala: Jay Nolan, James Reanson)

Under 16:

BROTHERS (Tries: Ryllie Ashton x 4, Bryce Rackerman x 2,  Darien Jackson, Jake McNab x 2, Ethan Hearne, Luke Neale; Goals: Sam Betros x 6, Ethan Hearne) 

Def GATTON (Tries: Jayden English, Jesse Hilan, Jayden Frizzell; Goals: Nicholas Lister, James Robinson x 2)  

Souths v Valleys

Under 11

SOUTHS 6 (Tries; Angus Wright; Goals Brayden Paix) draw VALLEYS 6 (Tries; Eaton Ackland; Goals: Patty Noble)

Under 12

SOUTHS 36 (Tries; George Ryan 2, Kai Williamson-Duggan, Mitchell Knauth 4; Goals; Ben Hass, Kai Williamson-Duggan, Jesse Campbell, Jaydan Mills) def VALLEYS 12

(Tries; Mitch Lindemayer, Logan Kiona; Goals; Jayven Maloney, Mitch Lindemayer)

Under 11/12 D/C:

SOUTHS 24 (Tries; Tyler Geitz, Blake Northdurft, Blake Watters, Thomas Stocker, Jonathan Ziebell, Seth Long; Goals: Blake Watters, Jonathan Ziebell) def VALLEYS 4 (Tries; Michael Lucas)

Under 13

Souths 32 (Tries: Brandon Trost, Ben Howard, Connor Williams 3, Riley Wirth; Goals: Jordan Lipp 4) def VALLEYS (Tries: Izack Killeen)

Under 14

SOUTHS 40(Tries; Beau Mathers, Cory Paix 2, Luke Maiden 2, Angus Hearne, Jordan Crocker, Tate McCormick; Goals; Cory Paix 3, Tate McCormick) def VALLEYS

Under 13/14 D/C:

VALLEYS 36 (Tries: Chris Chalmers, Oliver Combargo 4, Caleb Brown; Goals: Matthew Allen, Jack O’Brien 2, Ricky Orbell) def SOUTHS 8 (Tries: Jordan Crocker, Dan Allport)

Under 15:

VALLEYS ( Tries; Alex Brown 2,Brock Diment, Lachlan Hendry 2, Percy Cubby 3, Coen Hopkins; Goals: Jake Anderson, Kurt Squires 5, Lachlan Hendry, Lukii Finau 3) def SOUTHS 28 ( Tries; Matt Arndt, Cassius Elisia, Clayton Flute, Kyle Martin; Goals; Matt Arndt)

Under 16:

VALLEYS 32 (Tries: Natheniel Jones, Tom Hollingsworth, Bryce Whale 3, Corey Asaby Keeukan; Goals: Wally Pegler 4) def SOUTHS 28 (tries: Harry Murphy 2, Jordyn Kuhn, Falolo Selemaia 2; Goals: Jordyn Kuhn 4)

Oakey v Highfields

Under 11

HIGHFIELDS (Tries, Courtay Cosmody 2, Blake Cessari 4, Brock Bishop-Kirtyside 2, Alex Hirtz, George Pola, Ryan Fisher, Ryan Gill, Lachy Fcenning. Goals Courtay Cosmody 2, Lachy Fcenning 2, Ryan Gill, Ryan Fisher, George Pola, Georgia Voll, George Christodoulow, Alex Hirtz, Lachy Davies, Blake Cessori)

Under 12

HIGHFIELDS 42 Tries, Preston Weatherall 3, Tristan Voll 2, Joshua Quinlan, Lawson Ryan, Ethan Norris, Cooper Sparksman. Goals Thallis Hallday, Dan Carter, Georgia Voll).

11/12 Dev Cup

OAKEY 14,  (Tries, Jack McKellar 2, Sam Dowling. Goals Kane Cass) def

HIGHFIELDS 12, Tries, Blake Topp, Wapu Elara. Goals, Will Downs, Zeke Wright.

Under 13

HIGHFIELDS Tries, Alexander Brighton 2, Nathan Trusoott 2, Teketel Tyson 3, Joshua Suan 3, Jack Hutton 2, Jessie Bellert, Braydon Turia, Caleb Hintz, Samuel Elara. Goals, Cory Haywood 2, Joshua Adam 5, Wade King 5.

Under 14

OAKEY 22, (Tries, Barry Haupt , Connor Boney, Kyle Petersen, Reece O'Connell 2. Goals, Tysan Klingberg) def HIGHFIELDS 14 (Tries, Joshua Brandon, Lachlan Kennedy, Kyle Betros. Goals, Jarred Seibuhr)

13/14 Dev Cup

OAKEY (Tries, Cody Groves, Lucas Byers, John Munchow,  Braden Schilf, Reece O'Connell, Drew Crooks, Harry Dowling 4, Ashley Hooper. Goals, Brodie Benson 5, Cody Groves, Isaiah Gill. Field Goals, Brayden Schilf) def

HIGHFIELDS (Tries, Noah Bruggermann)

Pittsworth v Dalby Opposed training

Under 11:

DALBY 20 (Blayden Dodd 2, Dallas Gibson, Matthew Wright tries; Dallas Gibson, Rowen Carroll goals) d PITTSWORTH 12 (Kayden Knight 2 tries; Jake Trott, Kyle Brose goals).

Under 12

PITTSWORTH 18 (Bailey Knight, Patrick McGinn, Jordan Parkinson tries, goals Samuel Fraser-Bellette, Patrick McGinn, Ryan Geran) d Dalby (Brayden Tate, Brock Geran, Sam Gillispie tries, Goals Toby McGovern, Kristian Bond)

Under 11/12 Development Cup:

DALBY 34 (Joshua Ballard 3, Kenan Roberts 2, Brock Green 2, Kincade Landauer tries; Zac Taylor, Mitchell Salter, Ben Richardson-Rush, Joshua Ballard, Brock Green goals) d PITTSWORTH 12 (Sam Guymer, Samuel Fraser-Bellette, Declan King tries).

Under 13:

DALBY 28 (David Rongo 2,  Blake Hunter 2, Ryan Cortes, James Heinrich, Phoenix Keene  tries; Dames Heinrich 2, Blake Suhr goals) d PITTSWORTH 0.

Under 14:

DALBY 38 (Lythanial King-Togia 2, Travis Babbington,  Zachary Shore-Phillips, Lachlan Thomson, Lachlan Kelly, Mitchell Withers tries; Jayson Weier 3, Nicholas Bruce goals).

Under 13/14 Development Cup:

PITTSWORTH 20 (Jayden Grimshaw, Justin Moore, Scott Fitzgerald, Darby Manktelow tries; Bill Jocumsen, Benno Gruhl goals) d DALBY 14 (Ryan Cortess, Tyson Beezley, Luke Dale tries; Tresamual Hooper goal).

Under 15

PITTSWORTH 22 (TRIES: Dominic Briggs 2, Joshua Shayler, Laurie Jocumsen & Dominic Salomon GOALS: Dominic Salomon d DALBY 6 (TRIES: Pat Connellan GOALS: Travis Tate)   

Under 16

PITTSWORTH 48 (TRIES: Jack Cornford 2, Marcus Fitzgerald, Alex Anderson 2, Jordan O’Shea 2, Brady Manktelow & James Quinn GOALS: Marcus Fitzgerald 6 d DALBY 0

Acknowledgement of Country

Queensland Rugby League respects and honours the Traditional Custodians of the land and pay our respects to their Elders past, present and future. We acknowledge the stories, traditions and living cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples on the lands we meet, gather and play on.

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