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On behalf of Men of League, I thank the Toowoomba Junior Rugby League community for bringing Men of League to the forefront last weekend. We give a big thank you to the individual clubs who have allowed us to be part of your fixture.

Our area is the fastest growing Men of League community in Australia. The awareness of helping rugby league men, women and families has increased. To the clubs and referees for buying the socks in this round, a huge thank you.

Our collectors from last weekend received, not only kind donations, but information about families involved in our game who we can help. 80% of our work is just sitting down and talking to people. So if you see or hear of anyone one hard times within your club, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our annual fund raiser this Friday week at Valleys Clubhouse starts at 6.30 and is $35 per person. It should be a great night featuring Kerry Boustead, Wally Fullerton-Smith, Tony Gollan and heavyweight boxer Alex Leapai with his trainer Noel Thornberry. The event will be hosted my Pat O’Shea with Peter Rookas the auctioneer. Call 0417748489 or email

Andrew O’Brien

Men of League Foundation-Southern Division

Pittsworth V Brothers

Under 11:

PITTSWORTH 34 (Matthew Wilson, Jake Trott, Harrison Huber Hayes 2, Ryan Geran 2 tries; Sterling Hamilton, Kayden Knight, Jacob Winter, Harrison Huber Hayes, Ryan Geran goals).

Under 12:

PITTSWORTH 42 (Darcy Lees, Zane Carr, Blake Jackson, Matthew Wilson, Stewart Free 2, Jordan Parkinson 2 tries; Stewart Free, Samuel Fraser-Bellette, Daniel Brown, Rhys Grimmer, Jordan Parkinson goals) d BROTHERS 0.

Under 11/12 Development Cup:

BROTHERS 42 (Riley Land, Cooper Wockner, Tim Campomayer, Zac Ratcliffe 2, Tyson Andrews 3 tries) d PITTSWORTH 10 (Kayden Knight, Jacob Winter tries; Lincon Holmes goal).

Under 13:

PITTSWORTH 20 (Oliver Moy, Travis Smith 3 tries; Christopher Woodbridge 2 goals) d BROTHERS 8 (Jack Holpin, Emanuel Amreis tries).

Under 14:

PITTSWORTH 28 (Scott Fitzgerald, Kaelum Fraser-Bellette, Liam Short, Ned Goodall tries; Kaelum Fraser-Bellette 4 goals) d BROTHERS 22 (Matt Perrin, Dan Rub, Tom Wagner, Jarred Drazic 2 tries; Matt Perrin goal).

Under 13/14 Development Cup:

PITTSWORTH 18 (Jackson Griffiths, Scott Fitzgerald 2 tries; Scott Fitzgerald goal) d BROTHERS 16 (Jayden Anderson, Logan James, Lockie Norris tries; Jayden Askin, James Young goals).

Under 15:

BROTHERS 30 (Jake Edwards, Sam McGrath, Matt Hurt, Daniel Smith, Patrick Collins tries; Luke Neale 5 goals) d PITTSWORTH 26 (Samuel Moy, Christopher Bates, Domonic Briggs 3 tries; Brodie Grimshaw 3 goals).

Under 16:

BROTHERS 34 (Jack McNab, Sam Betros, Will O'Gradey 2, Luke Neill 2 tries; Sam Betros 5 goals) d PITTSWORTH 30 (Nicholas Sharp, Ben Krahenbring 2, Domonic Briggs 3 tries; Marcus Fitzgerald 3 goals).

Gatton V Dalby

Under 11’s:

DALBY 32 (tries Lachie Smith, Blayden Dodd(2), Jamari Gibbs Turnbull, Sam Morris(2). Goals Alex Lindsay, Ishmeal Bond, Blayden Dodd, Jamari Gibbs Turnbull.) DEF GATTON16 (tries Nathan Kleidon(2), Chayse Hoger. Goals Ryan Sanderson, Harrison Randall.)

Under 12’s:

GATTON 28 (tries Liam Young (3), Duran Fitzpatrick (2), Kade Kark. Goals Jake Huggins, Kade Kark.) DEF DALBY 16 (tries Ryan Welsh, Corey Salter, Ky Kirtley. Goals Toby McGovern, Brayden Tate.)

Under 11/12’s:

GATTON 30 (Tries Bailey Hill, Noah Thomas, Harrison Randall, Joshua Bauer, Liam Young, Dot Mgok, Kade Kark. Goals Boyd Barnwell – Cumner.) DEF DALBY 12 (tries Will Fitzsimmons, Mitchell Salter.)

Under 13’s:

GATTON 26 (tries Ben Hyland, Trent Dargusch, Dylan Flanagan, Brandon Clarke (2). Goals Dylan Flanagan(3).) DREW DALBY 26 (tries Brian Babington, James Heinr, Kuyahn Dunrobin, Trent McGee, Dylan Wedrat. Goals James Heinr, Blake Suhr (2).)

Under 14’s:

DALBY 38 (tries Josh Ashelford, Travis Babington(2), Dallas Tighe, Lachlan Kelly, Martin Foelz(2), Nicholas Bruce. Goals Jayson Weier, Travis Babington, Nicholas Bruce.) DEF GATTON 10 (tries Beau Poole, Nathan Fisher. Goals Nathan Fisher.)

Under 13/14’s:

DALBY 40 (tries Declan Duncan, Christopher Buckley, Corey McNeish(3), Chase Alderton, Vincent Tighe. Goals Christopher Buckley(2), Timothy Sheehan, Corey McNeish, Jaylan Bond(2).) DEF GATTON 18 (tries Jake Brauer(3), Trent Harrison. Goals Benjamin Hyland.)

Under 15’s:

GATTON 14 (tries Daniel Nolan, James Robinson, Dylan Webb. Goals James Robinson.) DREW DALBY 14 (tries Lewis Boyd(2), Ryan Chappell. Goals Travis Tate.)

Valleys V Highfields


HIGHFIELDS 16 (Blake Cessari 2, Alex. Hintz tries; Blake Cessari, Lachy Davies, goals) def VALLEYS 12 (Kyle Hibbins, Eaton Ackland, tries; Lachlan Stagg, Patrick Noble, goals)


HIGHFIELDS 14 (Joshua Quinlan 2, Preston Weatherall, tries; Thallis Haliday goal) def VALLEYS 6 (Mitch Lindenmayer try; Mitch Lindenmayer goal)


HIGHFIELDS 12 (Brock Haywood, Wapu Elara, Walker Taylor, tries) def VALLEYS 4 (Shannon Snelling, try)


HIGHFIELDS 48 (Cory Haywood, Teketel Tyson, Nathan Truscott, 2, Alexander Brighton, Samuel Elara, Caleb Hintz, Joshua Adam, tries; Joshua Adam 4 goals) def VALLEYS


HIGHFIELDS 26 ( Declan Beetson 2, Connor Johnstone, Jack Kennedy, Harley Cornell tries; Connor Johnstone 2, Jarred Siebuhr, goals) def VALLEYS 24 (Drenzell Macam 2, Liam Carrington, Chris Chalmers, tries; Corey Stewart 3, Kyle Thompson goals)


VALLEYS 50 (Oliver Combarngo 4, Brodie Lawton 2, Drenzell Macam 2, Keanu Lee, Caleb Brown, tries; Nick Finnie 2, Corey Stewart 2, Matthew Allen, goals) def HIGHFIELDS 4 (Jackson Michalas try)


VALLEYS 34 (Lachy Stephson 2, Alex Brown, Shannon Lawton, Jesse Mailman, Wally Pegler, tries; Wally Pegler 5 goals) def HIGHFIELDS 10 (Cooper Bowyer, Beckett Carmody tries; Joshua Frost-Heaton goal)

Oakey vs Souths Opposed Training

UNDER 11’s

SOUTHS 34 (Tries: Dylan Sloan 2, Jonathan Zicbell, Zachary Bauer 2, Noah Dwyer Goals: Dylan Sloan 2, William Doige , Noah Dwyer 2) OAKEY: 30 (Tries: Jack Mailman, Sam Dowling 2, Bradley Wicks, Tyler Wetzig  Goals: Blake Williamson, Jack Mailman)

UNDER 12's 

SOUTHS 44, (Tries: George Rya, Nicholas Edwards, Brody Murphy, Izac Williamson Dugga, Mitchell Knauth 2, Jayden Mills 2, Jesse Campbell  Goals: Ben Hass, Blake Northdurft, Jayden Hammermiester, Jesse Campbell 1) DEF OAKEY

UNDER 11/12's DC

SOUTHS 20 (Tries: Blake Northdurft 2, Seth Long, Ben Hass, Jayden Hammermiester) DEF OAKEY 4 Tries (Tyson McCarthy)

UNDER 13's

SOUTHS 42 (Tries: Reece Liston 4, Ben Howard, Nicholas Kuhnemann, Brock Merchant, Cooper Howlett 2, Goals: Nicholas Kuhnemann, Reece Liston, Samuel Nolan) DEF OAKEY 10 (Tries: Jamie Kermond, Bailey KeableGoals: Jake McCarthy)

UNDER 14's 

OAKEY (Tries: Deatch Clifford, Brayden Schilf , Reece Oconnell 2, Dylan Crump 3, Tyson Klingberg, Liam Weise, Connor Boney 2,Goals: Deatch Clifford, Reece O’Connell, Tyson Klingberg 2, Liam Weise, John Lee) DEF SOUTHS 4 (Tries: Joe Reuter)

UNDER 13/14 DC

OAKEY 46 (Tries: Brodie Benson 2, Cody Groves 2, Brayden Schilf Harry Dowling 4,Goals: Brodie Benson 2, Cody Groves, Jamie Kermond, Isaiah Gill).DEF SOUTHS 22 (Tries Hayden Twidale, Jordan Crocker 3, Chad Peters Goals Jordan Crocker)