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The first weekend of the school holidays saw the Gatton Hawks JRL host eight teams in the annual Under 12 Mustang Challenge.

The first day was a long one with the players from Waterford and Toowoomba kicking off at 9am and the last game was at 7pm.

Then the boys backed up again on Sunday, which finished just after lunch. The teams who competed this year were from Waterford, South Burnett, Warwick & District, Mudgeeraba with both Toowoomba and Western Downs fielding two teams each.

The Waterford team were the overall winners of the carnival and proudly entertained the crowd with their awesome war cry lead by their spirited coach!

Player of the carnival went to Warwick & District front rower Drew Williams who is from Goondiwindi. Congratulations to the winners as well as all the participants, as the carnival was played in the right spirit and the boys got a taste of international rules

The Gatton JRL did a great job hosting the carnival and a big pat on the back goes out to Troy Huggins and his merry band of volunteers who made the weekend a great success.

Also thanks to the match officials for making the games possible: Marcus Fitzgerald, Alex Anderson, Lachlan Johnston, Jordan Cook-Revell, Drae Kark, Conor Brady, Jesse Martin, Shane Clement, Rob White, Clint Harch.

Results as follows:


WATERFORD 14 (Tries: E. Taqiilma 2, D. Pule; Goals: K. Morrison) drew TOOWOOMBA-ONE 14 (Tries: G. Ryan 3; Goals: K. Williamson-Duggan)

TOOWOOMBA-TWO 56 (Tries: B. Hope 4, P. McGinn 4, J. Quinnlan, J. Chappel, S. Neil; Goals: J. Chappel 5, S. Neil) def MUDGEERABA 4 (Tries: L. Watson)

WARWICK & DISTRICT 68 (Tries: T. Milton 7, D. Williams 2, C Clement 2, A. Donn, D. Hilton, N. Newley; Goals: T. Milton 2, A. Donn 2, J Gross, C. Clement) def WESTERN DOWNS-TWO 0.

SOUTH BURNETT 28 (Tries: M. Early, A. Watcho, P. Holt, D. Hopkins, S. Cobbo; Goals: E. Albury, S. Hamson) def WESTERN DOWNS-ONE 4 (Tries: H. Turner)


TOOWOOMBA-TWO 34 (tries: D. Woodbridge 2, B. Hope, J. Quinn, J. Chappel, J. Huggins; Goals: J. Chappel 5) def WARWICK & DISTRICT 16 (Tries: T. Milton, J. Gross, D. Williams; Goals: T. Milton 2)

TOOWOOMBA-ONE 34 (Tries: M. Lindenmayer 3, G. Ryan, K. Bond, K. Williamson-Duggan, J. Palmer; Goals: Z. Carr 3, K. Grimshaw) def WESTERN DOWNS-TWO 4 (Tries: C. Vagg)

WESTERN DOWNS-ONE 28 (Tries: B. Laherty 2, B. Ormsby, B. Sheppy, B. Ashurst, Z. Morris; Goals: B. Sheppy 2, R. Mutch, A. Harth) def MUDGEERABA 16 (Tries: M. Chalmers, W. Swinbourne, W. Beavan; Goals: L. Box 2)

WATERFORD 14 (Tries: B. Smith-Wolfaramn, C. Roberts, D. Goldsmith; Goals: K. Morrison) def SOUTH BURNETT 4 (Tries: X. Eustace)


WARWICK & DISTRICT 32 (Tries: C. Clement 3, D. Hilton, S. Roche, H. Hamblin, D. Williams; Goals: J. Gross 3, T. Milton) def TOOWOOMBA-ONE 6 (Tries: G. Ryan; Goals: K. Duggan)

MUDGEERABA 46 (Tries: W. Swinbourne 2, L. Watson, M. Chalmers, D. Cameron, K. Relph, E. Stevenson, R. Chalmers; Goals: L. Box 6) def WESTERN DOWNS-TWO 18 (Tries: J. Bidgood 2, T. Flute, J. Dwyer; Goals: J. Dwyer)

WATERFORD 40 (Tries: E. Tagiilma 3, K. Barham 2, C. Roberts, J. Potini; Goals: K. Barham 6) def WESTERN DOWNS-ONE 8 (Tries: B. Laherty 2) SOUTH BURNETT 16 (Tries: J. Keating, S. Hamson, X. Eustace; Goals: A. Watcho, A. Hopkins) def TOOWOOMBA-TWO 6 (Tries: D. Woodbridge; Goals: J. Chappel)


TOOWOOMBA-ONE 28 (Tries: G. Ryan 3, D. Fitzpatrick, M. Lindenmayer; Goals: K. Williamson-Duggan 2, K. Bond, Z. Carr) def WESTERN DOWNS-ONE 6 (Tries: I. Woodcock; Goals: R. Mutch)

WARWICK & DISTRICT 64 (Tries: T. Milton 4, D. Williams 3, A. Donn 2, C. Clement 2, S. Roche, W. Lasserre; Goals: T. Milton 2, A. Donn, J. Gross, C. Clement, T. Philp) def MUDGEERABA 0.

WATERFORD 28 (Tries: B. Wolfgramm, K. Morrison, E. Tagiilma, B. Armour, S. Jones, D. Goldsmith; Goals: J. Marshall 2) def TOOOWOOMBA-TWO 8 (Tries: D. Woodbridge, B. Hope)

SOUTH BURNETT 68 (Tries: J. Smith 3, A. Watcho 2, X. Eustace 2, M. Early, J. Keating, P. Holt, L. Kenney, B. Shirley, S. Cobbo; Goals: A. Watcho 2, E. Aulbury, A. Hopkins, D. Hopkins, J. Smith, S. Hamson, S. Cobbo) def WESTERN DOWNS-TWO 0

Winner of the Carnival: Waterford

Player of the Carnival: Drew Williams (Western Downs)