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THE Queensland Aboriginal and Islander Health Council Arthur Beetson Murri Rugby League Carnival was held at its new home of Redcliffe this year and was a great success, with highly entertaining games played across the tournament.

At the conclusion of the carnival, there were three representative teams selected.

The Open Men’s team will travel to Fiji to take part in a cultural exchange later this month (October 19-27), while the Under 15 side is currently on tour in New Zealand.

They will also represent their state as the Under 16 Murri team against the Under 16 Koori team in next year’s All Stars tournament.

Both the Open Men’s and Women’s team will play against New Zealand Maori teams at a carnival at Wynnum Manly’s BMD Kougari Oval on October 18.

For any updates / changes to these teams listed below, keep an eye on the Murri Rugby League Facebook page.

Representative Teams:

Open Men’s team:

1. Menmuny Murgha
2. Marlon Doak
3. Bradley Stephens
4. Brendon Marshall
5. Ronald Conlon
6. Sean Yorston
7. Steven Singleton
8. Bill McConnachie
9. Rex Johnson
10. Matt Bon
11. Tristian Lumley
12. Joel Marama
13. Noel Underwood
14. Brandon Cubby
15. Marmin Barba
16. Philip Vinson
17. George Jarrett
18. Nathan Gaulton
19. Morris Hodges
20. Kepa Sabesio

Indigenous Queensland Women’s team:

1. Latoya Billey (Brisbane Natives)
2. Amy Karklis (Inala Bears)
3. Amber Pilley (Inala Bears)
4. Kersha Roberts (Brisbane Natives)
5. Casey Karlis (Inala Bears)
6. Sinetta Broome (Redbacks)
7. Teresa Anderson (Inala Bears)
8. Kaitlin Moss (Iris Saltner)
9. Patricia Chambers (Brisbane Natives)
10. Bianca Ambrum (Laurel Fisher United)
11. Natalie Wauchope (Inala Bears)
12. Ashleigh Singleton (Inala)
13. Tracey Thompson (Inala Bears)
14. Molly O’Connell (Jayden Adams)
15. Emily Young (Jayden Adams Memorial)
16. Kelsey Parkin (Inala Bears)
17. Teegan Gibbs (Jayden Adams)

The Deadly Choices and UQ Murri Under 15:

1. Braydon Trindall
2. Denzell Burns
3. Tramaine Spry
4. Damien Burke
5. Tyrell Douglas-Denduck
6. Travis Turnbull
7. Tristian Reilly
8. Hakeem Dixon
9. Tekoya Nagas
10. Isiaha Conway
11. Morris Hill
12. Benjamin Mitchell
13. Kyle Waller
14. Jagala Bennet
15. Errol Simpson
16. Andrew Hall
17. Lope Giobudu
18. Dwight Daley
19. David Fifita
20. Jaidyn MCCall

Murri Carnival 2014 summary:

In the Open Men’s final, the Southern Dingoes Blue defeated the Kulpiyam team in the final – but fielded an ineligible player. After comprehensive consultation, the decision was made to award the Badu team the trophy.

In the Women’s Division – the Inala Bears defeated the Iris Saltner Memorial in the AEC Women’s Open Division 28-6.

Full scores from the Open Men’s, Women’s and Under 15 can be found on the Murri Rugby League website.