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The Toowoomba Junior Rugby League competition has now completed three rounds and will break for three weeks due to Easter and school holidays.

The games will start back on Anzac Day with kick off from 1pm, check your draw cards.

We wish all our players, their families and all involved a very Happy and safe Easter and look forward to seeing you all back on the paddock after the break.

Gatton v Oakey

Under 11:  Gatton 20 (tries: C. Liston, N. Jackson, M. Potter, K. Buhse; goals: N. Jackson, C. Page) def Oakey 6 (try: A. Hartly; goal: L. Kirby)

Under 13:

Gatton def Oakey

Under 14:

Gatton 38 (tries: L. Davies 2, C. Hazard 2, J. Hoger, T. Dargusch, J. Morgan, P. Berg; goals: D. Flanagan 2, E. Raven) def Oakey 4 (try: J. Kermond)

Under 15:

Oakey 34 (tries: J. Hole 2, T. Bennett, N. Tayler, C. Groves, T. Sharee-O’Neil, C. Lucht; goals: N. Tayler 3) def Gatton 24 (tries: C. Harch, T. Harrison, J. Chalker, P. Berg, B. Clarke; goals: D. Flanagan 2)

Under 16

Gatton v Kingaroy: Kingaroy 30 (tries: V. Penitani 3, I. Gray 2, C. Coutts; goals: C. Coutts, B. Nicholl, I. Gray) def Gatton (tries: J. Frizzell, D. Gafney, R. Clark, D. Nolan; goals: K. Marsh 3)

Highfields v Dalby

Under 11

Highfields (Tries: M. Carmody 3, J. Truscott 2, J. Scofield, B. Smith, D. Carswell, L. Reis, B. Gill; Goals: C. Ellis, J. Scofield, M. Carmody, K. Warren, D. Ryan, J. Worsley, L. Bright, D. Jones) Defeated Dalby 6 (Try: D. Nobbs; Goal: B. Draper).

Under 12

Highfields 26 (Tries: C. Carmody 2, G. Voll 2, B. Cesari; Goals: L. Davies, G. Voll, G. Pola) Defeated Dalby 12 (Tries: K. Wright-Dunrobin, J. Mckernan; Goals: J. Gibbs-Turnbull, A. Lindsay).

Under 11/12 Dev Cup

Highfields 14 (Tries: J. Hippi, D. Wightman, J. Close; Goal: W. Downs) Drew Dalby 14 (Tries: J. Gibbs-Turnbull, R. Carroll, R. Cann; Goal: D. Brown).

Under 13

Dalby 36 (Tries: D. Reed 3, R. Nisperos, Z. Morris, D. Rolls, S. Gillespie; Goals: J. Chappell) Defeated Highfields 6 (Try: B. Franey; Goal: J. Quinlan).

Under 14

Highfields 24 (Tries: J. Hutton 2, C. Haywood, J. Sullivan; Goals: C. Haywood 4) Defeated Dalby 20 (Tries: D. Wedrat 2, P. Keene, T. Sheehan; Goals: J. Heinrich, B. Suhr).

Under 13/14 Dev Cup

Highfields 32 (Tries: M. Ryan, N. Bruggemann, J. Michalas, W. Frost, S. Frost, L. Mitchell; Goals: D. Sheppard 4) Defeated Dalby 14 (Tries: H. Thomas 2, B. Babington; Goal: M. Salter).

Under 15

Highfields 24 (Tries: Z. Croft, K. Betros, D. Beetson, C. Johnstone; Goals: D. Crump 2, Z. Croft, C. Johnstone) Defeated Dalby 20 (Tries: L. King-Togia 2, D. Tighe, N. Bruce; Goals: N. Bruce 2).

Under 16

Dalby 34 (Tries: Tries: T. Tate 2, M. Ryan, N. Nobbs, C. Harwood, A. Newberry; Goals: C. Harwood 3, T. Tate 2) Defeated Highfields 6 (Try: C. Tuira; Goal: M. Edser).

Pittsworth v Brothers 

Under 11:

Brothers 28 (Geofrey Harvey, Ericson Kaiser, Joseph Currie, Harold Shelton 2 Tries; Riley Madden, Adam Pomfrett, Geofrey Harve, Ericson Kaiser Goals) D Pittsworth Elliot Smith, Angus White, Ryan Cattarin Tries; Toby Evans, Kobi Carr, Malik Woodbridge Goals).

Under 12:

Brothers 38 (Travis White, Nickolas Russell 2, Jayden Thurston 4 Tries; Nickolas Russell, Jayden Thurston, Zachary Davis, Dylan Andrews, Zavier Tiaow Goals) D Pittsworth 26 (Jake Trott, Kyle Brose, Sam Guymer, Harrison Huber-Hayes, Tyrell Anderson Tries; Sterling Hamilton, Declan King, Malik Woodbridge Goals).

Under 11/12 Dev Cup:

Pittsworth 22 (Lincon Holmes, Toby Evans, Tyson Smith, Stirling Hamilton 2 Tries; Zac Kahler Goal) D Brothers 0.

Under 13:

Pittsworth 42 (Samuel Fraser-Bellette, Patrick Mcginn, Blake Jackson, Daniel Brown, Stewart Free, Mitch Lindenmeyer 2, David Woodbridge 2 Tries; Kobi Grimshaw, Mitch Lindenmeyer 2 Goals) D Brothers 6 (Flynn Kaiser Try; Tom Hatch Goal).

Under 14:

Pittsworth 36 (Travis Smith, Rhys Carr, Jeff Roberts, Christopher Woodbridge 2, William Wilson 2 Tries; Jeff Roberts, Oliver Moy, Christopher Woodbridge 2 Goals) D Brothers 26 (Jamie Dolley, Lachlan Watt, Jared Walker, Matt Zeidler, Connor Purcell Tries; Jackson D'arcy 3 Goals).

Under 15:

Pittsworth 38 (Blake Ruhle, Dylan Hounslow-Cullen 2, Trai McDermott 2, Liam Short 3 Tries; Liam Short, Kaelum Fraser-Bellette 2 Goals) D Brothers 10 (Macen Job, Luke Fraser Tries; Lokee Brookes Goal).

Under 16:

Brothers 40 (Luke Neale, Matthew Hart, Patrick Collins, Callum Langton 2, Ryka Dunemann 2 Tries Ryka Dunemann, Luke Neale goals) D Pittsworth 22 (Jayden Moore, Harrison Free, Brodie Grimshaw, Jed Garratt Tries; Domonic Salomon, Brodie Grimshaw 2 Goals).

Souths v Valleys

Under 11 – Souths 38 (Tries; Darnell Rhodes, Deshaun Blades, Matthew Nunn 3, Nathan Simpson, Regan Liebke, Tim Trost. Goals; Coby Mathers, Deshaun Blades, Bailey Biggar.) Def Valleys 16 (Tries; Rogan Werribone, Dylon McFeeters, Kooper Diment. Goals; Dylon McFeeters, Kooper Diment.)

Under 12 - Souths 52 (Tries; Riley Halpin 2, William Doidge, Braden Paix, Billy Danine 5, Angus Wright. Goals; Riley Halpin, William Doidge, Braden Paix, Billy Danine 2, Zac Bauer) Def Valleys 8 (Tries; Paddy Simmons, Connor Gierar)

Under 11/12 D/C: - Valleys 38 Def Souths 28

Under 13 – Souths Def Valleys

Under 14 - Souths 68 (Tries; Brandon Trost 3, Reece Liston 4, Thomas Brown, Corey Wright, Cooper Howlett, Connor Williams 2. Goals; Jordan Lipp 8) Def Valleys 10 (Tries; Adrian Mann, Eli Charles. Goals; Bevan Fry)

Under 13/14 D/C:  - South 24 Def Valleys 12

Under 15 – Valleys 30 (Tries; Buddy Duncan, Chris Chalmers 3, B. McCain, Sam Lawry, Goals; B Mccain, Brock Diment 2) Def Souths 14 (Tries; Tate Mccormick, Luke Maiden, Daniel Firkin. Goals; Angus Fern.

Under 16 - Souths 38 (Tries; Isaac Waters, Daniel Firkin, Dion Edmonds, Liam Schreyer, Clayton Robertson, Lolo Selemaia, Matthew Arndt Goals: Matthew Arndt 4, 1 Penalty Goal.) Def Valleys 26 (Tries; Isaac Gossling, Nathan Rogers, Jack Murphy, Callum Isaac 2: Goals: Callum Isaac 3)