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Central Division 47th Battalion Carnival (Sponsored by MAS Accommodation)

Venue: Roma Cities Rugby League Football Club

Date: 2nd – 3rd May 2015

Game 1 (Men) – Toowoomba Clydesdales v Gladstone Raiders

Gladstone Raiders 18 (Tries: John Essex, Sione Tonga, Joel Orton.  Goals: Brent Crisp 3) def Toowoomba Clydesdales 16 (Tries: Billy Jackowitz, Matthew Duggan, Tyrone Jowett.  Goals: Matthew Duggan 2)

Halftime Score: 6-6

Player of the Match: Aaron Watson (Gladstone Raiders)

Points: Gladstone 4.5  Toowoomba 0.5

Game 2 (Women) – South West Mustangs v CQ Capras

CQ Capras 12 (Tries: Chelsea Baker, Elle Stitt.  Goals: Chelsea Baker 2) def South West Mustangs 10 (Tries: Samantha Leisha, Jade Ware.  Goals: Taylor Stevens)

Halftime Score: Mustangs 4-0

Player of the Match: Elle Stitt (CQ Capras)

Points: CQ Capras  4  South West Mustangs 1

Game 3 (Women) – Bundaberg v Sunshine Coast/Beerwah

Sunshine Coast/Beerwah 42 (Tries: Hayley Maddick, Kyna Birch, Sarah Baker 2, Lana Sheedy, Courtney Lockwood, Sarah Walker, Jo Kerr, Keisha Taunoa.  Goals: Courtney Lockwood 3) def Bundaberg 0

Halftime Score: Sunshine Coast/Beerwah 22-0

Player of the Match: Courtney Lockwood (Sunshine Coast/Beerwah)

Points: Sunshine Coast/Beerwah 5  Bundaberg 0

Game 4 (Men) – Rockhampton Rustlers v South West Country

Rockhampton Rustlers 26 (Tries: Bryan Spence 2, Jone Macacial, Lewis McPhail, Tre Watson.  Goals: Cody Grills 3) def South West Country 16 (Tries: Michael Purcell 3.  Goals: Jason Willmont 2)

Halftime Score: Rockhampton Rustlers 14-4

Player of the Match: Michael Purcell (South West Country)

Points: Rockhampton Rustlers 4.5  South West Country 0.5

Game 5 (Men) – North Wide Bay Rangers v Bundaberg Bears

Bundaberg Bears 22 (Tries: Daniel Finter, Jayden Alberts, Will Jung, Chris Ford.  Goals: Clinton Horne 3) def North Wide Bay Rangers 0

Halftime Score: 0-0

Player of the Match: Clinton Horne (Bundaberg Bears)

Points: Bundaberg Bears 4.5  North Wide Bay Rangers 0.5

Game 6 (Women) – Sunshine Coast/Beerwah v CQ Capras

Sunshine Coast/Beerwah 18 (Tries: Kyna Birch, Sarah Walker, Eva Carless, Keisha Taunoa.  Goals: Lana Sheedy) def CQ Capras 16 (Tries: Casey Watkins, Kody House, Carly Bell.  Goals: Chelsea Baker 2)

Halftime Score: CQ Capras 16-4

Player of the Match: Kody House (CQ Capras)

Points: Sunshine Coast/Beerwah 4  CQ Capras 1

Game 7 (Men) – North Wide Bay Rangers v South West Country

South West Country 30 (Tries: Danny Flynn, Michael Purcell 3, Jeremey Munro, Zac Donney.  Goals: Jason Willmont 3) def North Wide Bay Rangers 10 (Tries: Danny Moran, David Lisala.  Goals: Lewis Hopkins)

Halftime Score: South West Country 16-6

Player of the Match: Michael Purcell

Points: South West Country 5  North Wide Bay Rangers 0

Game 8 (Men) – Gladstone Raiders v Sunshine Coast Falcons

Sunshine Coast Falcons 24 (Tries: Jarrad Cook, Tom Hearn, Sam Sotogi 2, Grayson Mallett.  Goals: Mitch Ward 2) def Gladstone Raiders 22 (Tries: Justin Cridland, Emiel Tea, Brent Crisp, Sione Tonga.  Goals: Brent Crisp 3)

Halftime Score: 18-6 Sunshine Coast Falcons

Player of the Match: Mitch Ward (Sunshine Coast Falcons)

Points: Sunshine Coast Falcons 4  Gladstone Raiders 1

Game 9 (Men) – Rockhampton Rustlers v Bundaberg Bears

Bundaberg Bears 10 (Tries: Jayden Alberts, Vahiti Hopoi.  Goals: Clinton Horne) def Rockhampton Rustlers 4 (Tries: Bryan Spence)

Halftime Score: 6-0 Bundaberg Bears

Player of the Match: Robbie O’Donnell (Bundaberg Bears)

Points: Bundaberg Bears 4.5  Rockhampton 0.5

Game 10 (Women) – Bundaberg v South West Mustangs 

South West Mustangs 22 (Tries: Lisa Croft 2, Helen Malone, Melissa Edwards, Taylor Stevens.  Goals: Taylor Stevens) def Bundaberg 10 (Tries: Tiarra Best 2.  Goals: Nea Robinson)

Halftime Score: 14-0 South West Mustangs

Player of the Match: Helen Malone

Points: South West Mustangs 4  Bundaberg 1

Game 11 (Men) – Rockhampton Rustlers v North Wide Bay Rangers

Rockhampton Rustlers 42 (Tries: Ratu Nailusu, Bryan Spence, Cody Grills 2, Daniel Tanner, Tre Watson 2.  Goals: Cody Grills 7) def North Wide Bay Rangers 12 (Tries: Peni Taukalau, Siopau Taufa.  Goals: Lewis Hopkins, Luke Hedges)

Halftime Score: 18-6 Rockhampton Rustlers

Player of the Match: Cody Grills (Rockampton Rustlers)

Points: Rockhampton 5   North Wide Bay 0

Game 12 (Men) – Bundaberg Bears v South West Country

Bundaberg Bears 38 (Tries: Zac Dann, Clinton Horne, Damian Otto, Vahiti Hopoi, Tye Ingebritsen, Jake Thompson, Royce Blair.  Goals: Clinton Horne 5) def South West Country 0

Halftime Score: 18-0 Bundaberg

Player of the Match: Clinton Horne (Bundaberg)

Points: Bundaberg 5  South West Country 0

Game 13 (Men) – Sunshine Coast Falcons v Toowoomba Clydesdales

Toowoomba 30 (Tries: Sean Hamel, Nick Boney 2, Jock Waters, Jeffrey Nielsen 2.  Goal: Matthew Duggan 3) def Sunshine Coast Falcons 14 (Tries: Jarryd Lawton, Reinhordt Kamillo, Grayson Mallett.  Goals: Jarryd Lawton)

Halftime Score: 12-8 Toowoomba Clydesdales

Player of the Match: Matt Duggan (Toowoomba Clydesdales)

Points: Toowoomba 5  Sunshine Coast 0

Game 14 (Women) – Sunshine Coast/Beerwah v South West Mustangs

Sunshine Coast/Beerwah 26 (Tries: Stef Gallagher, Sarah Baker, Sarah Walker, Amy Bock, Cassandra Cushing.  Goals: Laura Sheedy 3) def South West Mustangs 10 (Tries: Vassa Hunter, Molly O’Connell.  Goals: Emily Young)

Halftime Score: 22-0 (Sunshine Coast/Beerwah)

Player of the Match: Jazmyn Taumatai (Sunshine Coast/Beerwah)

Points: Sunshine Coast/Beerwah 4  South West Mustangs 1

Game 15 (Women) – Bundaberg v CQ Capras

CQ Capras 24 (Tries: Kelsie Parter, Trisha Dougan, Elle Stitt, Carly Bell, Donna Kilpatrick.  Goals: Chelsea Baker 2) def Bundaberg 10 (Tries: Shirleen Collins, Nea Robinson.  Goals: Simone vanden Keiboom)

Halftime Score: 14-4 CQ Capras

Player of the Match: Elle Stitt

Points: CQ Capras 5  Bundaberg 0


Bundaberg Bears v Toowoomba Clydesdales

Toowoomba Clydesdales 20 (Tries: Corey Blades, Billy Jackowitz 2, James Crombie.  Goals: Jarod Lee 2) def Bundaberg Bears 16 (Tries: Zac Dann, Matt Templeman, Royce Blair.  Goals: Clinton Horne 2)

Player of the Final: Corey Blades (Toowoomba Clydesdales)

Men’s Player of the Carnival: Aaron Watson (Gladstone Raiders)

Women’s Player of the Carnival: Hayley Maddick (Sunshine Coast/Beerwah)

Final Points Table

Men Pool A



For / Against

Toowoomba Clydesdales



Gladstone Raiders



Sunshine Coast Falcons



Men Pool B



For / Against

Bundaberg Bears             



Rockhampton Rustlers



South West Country



North Wide Bay Rangers







For / Against

Sunshine Coast/Beerwah



CQ Capras



SW Mustangs






Sunshine Coast / Beerwah are the Women’s A Grade Champions

Central Division A Grade Teams



1 Chelsea Baker (Capras)

1 Alex Braun (Bundaberg)

2 Kyria Birch (SC/Beerwah)

2 Ratu Nailusu (Rockhampton)

3 Lana Sheedy (SC/Beerwah)

3 Shaun Collins (Gladstone)

4 Kody House (Capras)

4 Matt Templeman (Bundaberg)

5 Kady Tinker (Capras)

5 Billy Jackowitz (Toowoomba)

6 Hayley Maddick (SC/Beerwah)

6 Brent Crisp (Gladstone)

7 Courtney Lockwood (SC/Beerwah)

7 Matt Duggan (Toowoomba)

8 Elle Stitt (Capras)

8 Sione Tonga (Gladstone)

9 Sarah Walker (SC/Beerwah)

9 Aaron Watson (Gladstone)

10 Amy Bock (SC/Beerwah)

10 Jason Wardrop (Sunshine Coast)

11 Carly Bell (Capras)

11 Murray Goldsworthy (Sunshine Coast)

12 Annette Brander (SC/Beerwah)

12 Jake Thompson (Bundaberg)

13 Jazmyn Taumafai (SC/Beerwah)

13 Sam Satogi (Sunshine Coast)

14 Lena Leilua (Capras)

14 Will Jung (Bundaberg)

15 Emmaley McMurdy (SC/Beerwah)

15 James Crombie (Toowoomba)

16 Tiara Best (Bundaberg)

16 Tyrone Jowett (Toowoomba)

17 Steff Gallagher (SC/Beerwah)

17 Tyson White (Gladstone)

18 Molly O’Connell (Mustangs)

18 Nick Boney (Toowoomba)

19 Emma Robin (Mustangs)

19 Clinton Horne (Bundaberg)

Coach: Steve Savage

Coach: Dean Bosnich

Assistant Coach: Matt Pacey

Assistant Coach: Eugene Seddon

FAO: Kym Mahon

FAO: Brendan Dolan

Leaguesafe: Nicole Curtis

Leaguesafe: Barry Nugent

Manager: Kristi McClellan

Manager: Richard Duff


Acknowledgement of Country

Queensland Rugby League respects and honours the Traditional Custodians of the land and pay our respects to their Elders past, present and future. We acknowledge the stories, traditions and living cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples on the lands we meet, gather and play on.

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