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As Jarryd Hayne prepares for his second pre-season game with the San Francisco 49ers, NFL scouts are scrambling to scour rugby league for freakish football athletes. Hayne impressed everyone in his first trial, which is nothing but great for our game. But if the NSW Blues' best recent State of Origin player can carve it up in the NFL, surely that raises an obvious question: what could a player from the team that has won nine of the last 10 series do?

America has already had a taste of State of Origin, with an exhibition game tacked onto the 1987 series being played in California. It’s fair to say though, that it was never likely to generate much of a following. In fact, that Blues win has been reduced to a wildcard pulled out by footy fans during bar-room arguments over total SOO games won.

Jarryd Hayne, however, may have done more for the profile of rugby league in the USA in one 53-yard run than any number of State of Origin exhibitions could. But the number of NFL-playing Aussies can be counted on one hand – so let’s take it to the next level. 

Who do you think could make the transition from Maroons hero to NFL superstar? Here are a few suggestions...

Greg Inglis

Who’d bet against Greg Inglis staring on a football field of any dimensions? He may not have the playbook knowledge to make a Running Back, but he’d likely be a brilliant last line of defence as an NFL Safety.

Dane Gagai

Gagai’s blistering speed, agility and strength is a package he could take to star in almost any code of football. They’re also attributes that are particularly useful in the defensive side of NFL at Cornerback.

Josh McGuire

Size, agility and great game awareness – McGuire may be an NFL Outside Linebacker in Maroons clothes. At 25 he also has time to learn the myriad intricacies of the NFL’s highly technical play.

Will Chambers

Chambers is about the same age as Hayne, and on his day an equally gifted athlete. He has size and agility on his side – the Maroons centre would look right at home as a barnstorming Running Back.

Jacob Lillyman

Direct-running props like Lillyman will be making NFL scouts drool. Even at 105kg Lillyman may have to add a few extra kilos of bulk but his power game could see him slot in well at Defensive Tackle.