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The QRL Central Division are pleased to announce the following appointments for the 2016 Representative program.

Following a restructure of the Junior representative program offered in the Division, 2016 will see the Central Crows compete for the first time as a full Division in the State Junior Carnival. 

All staff appointed to positions will be guided by the Central Division Coaching Philosophy and Development Outcomes released earlier this year. 

These documents provide a clear direction for all staff and players involved in the representative program and focuses on the development and education of coaches and also the overall development of quality young people.

Providing direction to the football staff and assisting the Division in providing a quality experience for all participants in the representative program will be four volunteer representative coordinators. 

The appointed coordinators are:

Cale Dendle (CQ Capras)
Leanne Mason (Wide Bay Bulls)
Michael Crouch (Sunshine Coast Falcons)
Jackie Stephson (SW Mustangs)

Age Group

Head Coach

Assistant Coach



Under 13

Matt Schulz (SW)

Mal McMillan (SW)

Michael Fletcher (CQ)

Dwayne Kangan (CQ)

Under 14

Shane Boxsell (SC)

Ross Howells (SW)

Brad Steer (SW)

Neil Dabelstein (SC)

Under 14 Girls

Jim Stevens (SW)

Terri Weatherly (CQ)

Michael Crouch (SC)


Under 16

Micheal Buckley (SC)

Brendan Wilson (SW)

Tim Shepphard (SC)

Michael Hoare (CQ)

Under 16 Girls

Michael Jeffs (SC)

Neil Beckett (CQ)

Christine Oaks (SC)

Sonia Lund (SW)

Open Men

Grant Bignell (SW)

Eugene Seddon (SW)

Richard Duff (CQ)

Ron Tasker (CQ)

Open Women

Steve Savage (SC)

Alan McIndoe (CQ)

Kristy McLelland (SC)

Matt Pacey (CQ)

Central Division Manager Glenn Ottaway commented on the quality and number of applications received. 

“We were overwhelmed by the quality of application received and were very fortunate to have a good mix of experienced and developing coaches," Ottaway said.

"With a consistent coaching philosophy now in place, we can ensure that all or coaches work together to ensure we are developing new coaches for the future but also preparing players for the next age group and development stage.”