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With female rugby league participation skyrocketing over the past few seasons and becoming the NRL’s biggest growth sector; this year, the game has seen an increase of girls playing through Interschool Sport within Townsville.

Term 2 has seen the Development Cup kicked off in Townsville and Interschool Sport is now drawing to a close.

With this in mind, the Townsville NRL Development team is holding a month of Friday night / afternoon football for girls in the Under 12 age group as a to give young females the opportunity to play and learn in a fun environment where girls will only play against other girls.

This opportunity to play a full month of female-only rugby league could be the stepping stone to pave the way in Townsville and the North Queensland region for a competition in the future.

An Under 12s “female only” rugby league competition in 2017 and the future could be viable – and could even development into something further in the long-run.