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Normanby and West Brisbane will raise money for a special cause this Saturday, one particularly close to the heart of one player.

The two Brisbane Rugby League clubs have partnered with Wesley Choices Cancer Support Centre to raise funds and awareness about the disease.

The centre was founded by former international and Queensland State of Origin coach Kevin Walters after the passing of wife Kim to breast cancer in 1998.

Their son Jack now plays for Normanby and says he's touched by the club's decision to form a link with the charity.

“It’s great to raise awareness not just for the charity but for the club as well,” he said.

“A lot of me and Billy’s (Jack’s brother who plays for Easts Tigers) junior teams have got behind it along the way.”

Normanby president Mitchell Chambers said the club jumped at Jack’s suggestion to partner with Choices.

“Our club has been touched by cancer previously, with a former player and mate passing away in 2004 in his early 30s, and I have very recently lost my father-in-law,” he said.

“Both clubs decided it would be a great idea to get together and play a couple of matches with proceeds going towards Choices.”

Chambers says the two clubs have enjoyed a close association for 50 years, a rivalry which has found another dimension in the BRL.

Jack was a West Brisbane junior, while Normanby coach Wayne Treleaven is regarded as a Panthers legend in Brisbane rugby league circles.

The clubs played out a tough encounter for the Craig Little Cup in April, with West Brisbane finishing 18-16 victors.

“It has got to the point where it’s almost a grudge match between the two top teams,” Mitchell said.

Unfortunately Jack won’t be on the field this Saturday, sidelined with a foot injury.

He’s split his time between Normanby and Souths Logan Magpies this year and is looking to regain his Intrust Super Cup spot when he returns to the paddock in the coming weeks.

“That’s the goal, to really challenge myself at the highest level possible.”

The charity day at Purtell Park kicks off with premier grade at 1.15pm.

The match will be live streamed HERE, while Redcliffe and Carina will be broadcast from Dolphin Oval on Sunday HERE.


Valleys Diehards v Easts Tigers Emerson Park, Saturday, 3pm

Valleys Diehards

1. Andrew Lancaster 2. Tom Collins 3. Jyde Dwyer 4. Daniel Nolan 5. Stacey Everett 6. Joshua Essex 7. Trent Williamson 8. Kobi Mills 9. Chris Aiton 10. Billy Solah 11. Sam Knight 12. Liam Herrington 13. Paul Steele 14. Cody Herrington 15. Ryan Sheppard 16. David Mayfield 17. Joe McKenna
Coach: Don Gailer

Easts Tigers

1. Javarn White 2. Jack Schaffer 3. Jacob Paul 4. Whetu Austin 5. Shem Tatupu 6. Mackenzie Reid 7. Billy Kitt 8. Liam MacDonald 9. Nathan Smith 10. Liufau Hala 11. Brandon George 12. Sam Bielefeld 13. Foisa Peni 14. Adam Crear 15. Samuel Gee 16. Josh Everett 17. Reece Wilson
Coach: Jason Di Lizio

Normanby Hounds v West Brisbane Panthers at Purtell Park, Saturday, 3pm


1. Jonathan Kent 2. Matt Trnka 3. Joe Henderson 4. Mitchell Hallinan 5. Michael Crosby 6. Marc Webb 7. Jacob Thomas 8. Benjamin Faulkner 9. Jordan Eaton 10. Tikiko Noke 11. Graham Levu 12. James Bannerman 13. Tyson Skyring 14. James Caslick 15. Luke Chaplin 16. Harlem Theodore 17. Thomas Dempsey
Coach: Wayne Treleaven

West Brisbane Panthers

1. Maeli Seve 2. Jake Dornan 3. Kennedy Pettyborne 4. Kyran Tanuvasa 5. Hayden Potts 6. Michael Rasmusssen 7. Ollie Olds 8. John Tasi 9. John Matters 10. Jeremy McKay 11. Sam Carsons 12. Sebastian Sinapatu 13. Kristian Wanka 14. TBA 15. Erik Koelbel 16. Josh Afoa 17. Jarrod Blanke
Coach: Wayne Weekes

Wynnum Manly Redland City v Gaters at Kitchener Park, Saturday, 3:15pm

Wynnum Manly Redland City

1. Jeriah Goodrich 2. Liam Clark 3. Dan Wallace 4. Tyson Brookes 5. Hayden Crowley 6. Josh Marshman 7. Matt Smith 8. Josh Hoffman 9. Alehana Mara 10. Tanu Wulf 11. Andrew Clayton 12. Brad Mana 13. Corey Davis 14. Ben Davey 15. Junior Pita 16. Te Carew 17. Mitchell McMillan
Coach: Ron Troutman


1 Adam Wickins 2. Kieran English 3. Justin Sleep 4. Dwayne Duncan 5. Shaun Rees 6. Jarrod Watson 7. Josh Cattell 8. Brendan Tailford 9. Tyler Jones 10. Troyden Watene 11. Josh Benjamin 12. Stephen Tunnicliffe 13. Takai Tikinau 16. Derek Wolfenden 17. Morris Hodges 18. Zac Russ 20. Simon Malcolm
Coach: Craig Rodgers

Logan Brothers v Ipswich Jets at Civic Park, Saturday, 5:30pm

Logan Brothers

1. Peter Lee 2. Kieran Battelley 3. Tim Brooks 4. Nick Doyle 5. Codey Kennedy 6. Cameron Boga 7. Nutana Te Rangi 8. Terry Kepu 9. Les Aumua 10. Elliott Boyle 11. Francis Fafita 12. Niu Mauigoa 13. Te Rore Puke 15. Charles Burchell 16. Adanell Thompson 17. John Maireroa 18. Zac Lee
Coach: Steven Bretheton

Ipswich Jets

1. Ono So'Oialo 2. Michael Purcell 3. Nathan Gaulton 18. Tuú Maori 5. Fine Faingaa 6. Mikaere Beattie 7. Chris Ash 8. Abraham Attalah 9. Peter Whittaker 10. Rowan Winterfield 11. Matthew Brown 12. Mitch Koina 13. Hugh Sedger 14. Ben Sullivan 15. Jackson Tynan 16. David Tahavalu 17. Josh Damen 18. Francis Leger
Coach: Mark Bishop

Redcliffe Dolphins v Carina at Dolphin Oval, Sunday, 12:15pm


1. Kyle Van Klaveren 2. Glen Ellis 3. Joel Mayne 4. Jaz Nahu-Main 5. Evander Cummins 6. Mitchell Wilson 7. Tyson Gamble 8. Taylor Brown 9. Hayden Hansen 10. Nick Timm 11. Jayden Best 12. Ashley Harawira 13. Tyson Cleal 14. John Brady 15. Josh Beehag 16. Paea’l Talakai 17. Tai Vaavale
Coach: Daniel Green


1. Benjamin Lanskey 2. Ash Bull 3. Jade Hoy 4. Paul Cullen 4. 5. Brett Ferguson 6. Michael Egan 7. David Browne 8. Thomas Price 9. Benjamin Moore 10. Shane Gillham 11. Tom O’Keefe 12. Steven Tyrrell 13. Christopher Cook 14. Tyrone Lowry 15. Cameron Robertson 16. Jesse Maclean 18. Griffin Freeman
Coach: Peter Edwards