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Tough and gutsy is how Blackhawks coach Kristian Woolf described his team’s 18-16 win over the Norths Devils at Bishop Park yesterday.

The Blackhawks were forced into quick positional reshuffles due to injuries, including on to five-eighth Kyle Laybutt in the first five minutes of the game. 

“Kyle will be having scans today to reveal the extent of his injury, but we are hoping it’s not too serious,” Woolf said.

“We showed a lot of toughness and character having to compensate losing such crucial positions, it was a good sign for us.

“Kierran Moseley did a terrific job filling in and Anthony Mitchell led the way really well, playing 80 minutes in the middle.”

The Blackhawks try line defence was continually tested from the Devils in the first half, but Woolf was very pleased with their effort.

“We did a really good job in the way we wanted to defend for each other set after set.”