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Following the successful Central Queensland Capras Junior trials at the weekend, the CQ representative teams for the upcoming Central Division Junior Carnival have been announced.

In alphabetical order:


Riley Bobart (Gladstone)
Ethan Boswood (Rockhampton)
Mackenzie Brinkley-Peet (Central West)
Luke Callanan (Central West)
Tywan Donovan (Rockhampton)
Bodie Fett (Gladstone)
Jayden Green (Rockhampton)
Clancy Harrison (Central Highlands)
Ethan Kozloff (Gladstone)
William Lewis (Rockhampton)
Liam Nebauer (Central Highlands)
Owen Pattie (Rockhampton)
Kelly Shadlow (Rockhampton)
Logan Slade (Rockhampton)
Spencer Smallacombe (Central West)
Bailey Smith (Gladstone)
Angus Stewart (Central West)
Ryan Welsh (Rockhampton)
Carter Wight (Rockhampton)

Head Coach: Robbie Peters
Assistant Coach: Todd Hansen
Sports Trainer: Dwayne Kangan
Manager: Dave Biddulph


Mitchell Biddulph (Rockhampton)
Darcy Biles (Rockhampton)
Grady Callaghan (Rockhampton)
Noah Chadwick (Rockhampton)
Zane Cox (Rockhampton)
Nicholas Crouch (Rockhampton)
James Doyle (Rockhampton)
Brayden Duffy (Rockhampton)
Joshua Grange (Rockhampton)
Jai Hansen (Rockhampton)
Isaac Jackson (Rockhampton)
Peyton Jenkins (Central West)
Corey Johns (Rockhampton)
Flynn Kelso (Rockhampton)
Tyler Keogh-Paladin (Gladstone)
Jack Mossman (Gladstone)
Taine Tamonui (Rockhampton)
Jackson Warde (Gladstone)
Coby Williamson (Central Highlands)

Head Coach: RJ Stewart
Assistant Coach: Darrin Shadlow
Sports Trainer: Luke Peachey
Manager: Trevor Walker


Jake Barber (Central Highlands)
Joshua Castle (Gladstone)
Matt Davis (Rockhampton)
Kazzi Doyle (Rockhampton)
Chase Farr (Rockhampton)
Cameron Fitzsimmons (Gladstone)
Mitchell Hayward (Central Highlands)
Judd Hepner (Gladstone)
Samuel Lancaster (Central West)
Leighton Milburn (Rockhampton)
Zac Pacey (Rockhampton)
Lyncoln Rebel (Gladstone)
Brayden Ross (Central Highlands)
Caeden Steinhardt (Rockhampton)
Bailey Stirling (Gladstone)
Jake Thompson (Gladstone)
Elwyn Tiberoo (Rockhampton)
Dylan Wewara (Rockhampton)
Lochlan Winston (Rockhampton)

Head Coach: Brad Richardson
Assistant Coach: Scott Munns
Sports Trainer: Michael Hoare
Manager: Michael Fletcher


Taiah Ardley (Rockhampton)
Maya Barnes (Rockhampton)
Olivia Cave (Central Highlands)
Delaney Claridge (Gladstone)
Janeya Doyle (Rockhampton)
Learna Doyle (Central Highlands)
Jordan Jackson (Central Highlands)
Chloe Jarrett (Rockhampton)
Jessie Kitching (Central Highlands)
Kaliyah McGrath (Gladstone)
Prue Peters (Rockhampton)
Olivia Raftos (Central Highlands)
Jayde Ramsay (Rockhampton)
Karen Tweddie (Central Highlands)
Alenna Whipp (Central Highlands)
Montanna Whipp (Central Highlands)
Delaney Window (Central Highlands)
Sophie Wright (Gladstone)
Lillian Yarrow (Rockhampton)

Head Coach: Scott Lonergan
Assistant Coach: Terri Weatherley
Sports Trainer: Leisa Dowling
Manager: Luke O'Donnell


Yasmin Andrews (Gladstone)
Brooke Bass (Central Highlands)
Sharni Callaghan (Rockhampton)
Mikayla Conway (Rockhampton)
Annadel Dargan (Central Highlands)
Lara Downey (Gladstone)
Macey Finlay (Central Highlands)
Haylea Lonergan (Central Highlands)
Cassandra Marks (Central Highlands)
Lashauna Miller (Central Highlands)
Aaliyala Morseu (Rockhampton)
Monica Parsons (Central Highlands)
Tylah Phillips (Rockhampton)
Mackenzie Reid (Rockhampton)
Maddison Reidy (Rockhampton)
Aleethia Row-Row (Central Highlands)
Tai Steele (Rockhampton)
Tegan Vegchel (Gladstone)
Jasmine Walters (Central Highlands)

Head Coach: Brad Eggmolesse
Assistant Coach: Cedric Auda
Sports Trainer: Nicole Verzeletti
Manager: Nicole Barron

The teams will compete at the upcoming Central Division Junior Carnival for selection in the Central Crows and will train in Rockhampton on May 20 and in Blackwater on May 27 before arriving in camp on Friday, June 2.

The Division Junior Carnival is set to be held in Central Queensland this year, being hosted by the Gladstone and District Junior Rugby League at Marley Brown Oval on Saturday, June 3 and Sunday, June 4.