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Following the Central Division Junior Carnival in Gladstone, the Central Crows junior sides to compete at the State Junior Carnival have been announced.

In alphabetical order:


Zachary Beckwith (South West)
Jed Bignell (Central Queensland)
Blake Cesari (South West)
Tyler Conroy (Sunshine Coast)
Brayden Duffy (Central Queensland)
Oliver Frazer (Sunshine Coast)
Flynn Kelso (Central Queensland)
Tyler Keogh-Paladin (Central Queensland)
Nathan Kleidon (South West)
Shaun Packer (South West)
Brayden Paix (South West)
Flynn Purkis (Wide Bay)
Christopher Robinson (Wide Bay)
Tyson Stevens (South West)
Jayden Thurston (South West)
Matthew Wilson (South West)
Angus Wright (South West)
Keanu Wright-Dunrobin (South West)
Xavier Va’a (South West)

Head Coach: Matthew Schultz
Assistant Coach: Craig Karakyriacos 
Sports Trainer: Dwayne Kangan 
Manager: Brad Steer 


Katelyn Anderson (South West)
Taiah Ardley (Central Queensland)
Olivia Cave (Central Queensland)
Delaney Claridge (Central Queensland)
Traevonnah Fisher (Wide Bay)
Tahnee Gilkison (South West)
Skye Girard (Wide Bay)
Abbey Holley (South West)
Kylie Janes (Wide Bay)
Sophie Klein (Wide Bay)
Alex McDonald (South West)
Courtney-Lee Nolan (South West)
Prue Peters (Central Queensland)
Otesa Pule (Sunshine Coast)
Taylah Stanley (South West)
Emmogen Taumafai (Sunshine Coast)
Tamzin Taumafai (Sunshine Coast)
Georgia Voll (South West)
Ella Web (Wide Bay)

Head Coach: Amy Horsburgh
Assistant Coach: Michael Hutchinson 
Sports Trainer: TBA
Manager: Damian Bohan


Mitchell Farlow (South West)
Cameron Fitzsimmons (Central Queensland)
Dyirun Johnson (Wide Bay)
Jye Johnson (South West)
Jay Lanuto (Sunshine Coast)
Livingstone Lingawa (Wide Bay)
Trent Loiero (Sunshine Coast)
Joseph Lowe (Sunshine Coast)
Lachlan Martyn (South West)
Leighton Milburn (Central Queensland)
Zach Mihai-Yates (Sunshine Coast)
Sam Ogden (South West)
Lachlan Paterson (Wide Bay)
Jake Simpson (South West)
Jack Sullivan (South West)
Connor Williams (South West)
Samuel Wilmot (Sunshine Coast)
Braden Whittaker (Wide Bay)
Corey Wright (South West)

Head Coach: Chris Munro
Assistant Coach: Clinton Lewis 
Sports Trainer: Neil Dabelstein 
Manager: Tim Wood 


Reeghyn Beardmore (South West)
Nykiah Duncan (South West)
Macey Finlay (Central Queensland)
Skye Houliston (Wide Bay)
Kaleisha Janes (South West)
Haylea Lonergan (Central Queensland)
Cassandra Marks (Central Queensland)
Ariel McAnany (Sunshine Coast)
Claudia Nepson (Sunshine Coast)
Mareisha Orr (Sunshine Coast)
Alecia Pienaar (South West)
Mackenzie Reid (Central Queensland)
Abelee Stanley (South West)
Tai Steere (Central Queensland)
Maryanne Solomon (Sunshine Coast)
Loretta Viani (Sunshine Coast)
Jasmine Walters (Central Queensland)
Melanie Watherston (Sunshine Coast)
Isabella Williams-Widgell (South West)

Head Coach: Terri Weatherley
Assistant Coach: Krysti Walk
Sports Trainer: Sonia Lund 
Manager: Christine Oakes 

The teams will arrive in camp in Bundaberg on Monday, June 26 before competing at the upcoming State Junior Carnival at the Sunshine Coast on Thursday, June 29 - Sunday, July 2.

With the Under 13 Boys competition ceasing at the State Junior Carnival, the Division has selected an Under 13 Boys Development Squad to train later this year in place of competing at the carnival.

In alphabetical order:

Bronson Andrews (Wide Bay)
Sunny Beatson (Wide Bay)
Trae Bennetto (South West)
Ethan Boswood (Central Queensland)
Reuben Broome (Wide Bay)
Luke Callanan (Central Queensland)
Lane Crossley-Price (Wide Bay)
Kooper Diment (South West)
Joel Ditchmen (Sunshine Coast)
Tynan Donovan (Central Queensland)
Jaiden Green (central Queensland)
Mitchell Jennings (Sunshine Coast)
Ryan Johnson (Wide Bay)
Izaac Meuleman (Sunshine Coast)
Dain Milosavljevic (Sunshine Coast)
Owen Pattie (Central Queensland)
Ailia Price-Tonks (Sunshine Coast)
Declan Ryan (South West)
Matthew Roth (Wide Bay)
Kelly Shadlow (Central Queensland)
Mason Simpson (Wide Bay)
Bailey Smith (Central Queensland)
Angus Stewart (Central Queensland)
Tasman Toomata (Sunshine Coast)
Joshua Truscott (South West)
Jack Underhill (Sunshine Coast)
Cody Ward (Sunshine Coast)
Ryan Welsh (Central Queensland)
Dominic Whittingham (South West)
Carter Wight (Central Queensland)
Riley Wockner (South West)