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Queensland’s best junior rugby league players left nothing on the field in the fourth and final day of this year’s TJS Services QRL State Junior Championships at the Sunshine Coast Council Sports Precinct, Kawana.

Two thrilling finals concluded this year’s carnival with a 16-16 draw in the Under 14 Boys final between the Central Crows and SEQ Green Water Dragons and a 42-30 win to the SEQ White Under 16 Boys side in the decider against SEQ Green.

SEQ White's Will Evans and Danny Heenan accepting the Under 16 Boys Trophy.

In the Under 14 Girls division, the Central Crows claimed the Heather Ballinger Shield for the first time after remaining undefeated through the carnival.

South East Queensland successfully defended their title in the Under 16 Girls division, but not without a challenge from the Central Crows in the final days.


Under 14 Boys Shield: Central Crows and SEQ Green
Harvey Norman Under 14 Girls Heather Ballinger Shield: Central Crows
Under 16 Boys: SEQ White
Harvey Norman Under 16 Girls Karyn Murphy Shield: SEQ Water Dragons

The Central Crows Under 14 Girls accepting the Heather Ballinger Shield.

At the conclusion of the carnival, the best players of each age division were announced:

Under 14 Boys Award: Jayden Thurston (Central Crows #12)
Under 14 Girls Veronica White Award: Georgia Voll (Central Crows #13)
Under 16 Boys Peter Gray Award: Will Evans (SEQ White #1)
Under 16 Girls Stephanie Hancock Award: Melanie Watherston (Central Crows #6)

The Queensland Under 16 Boys team was also announced following the carnival ahead of their curtain-raiser clash against New South Wales at the State of Origin decider.

For those who weren't able to attend, all games were filmed by Red Corner Promotions and full versions of all games are available to download: CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE GAMES

This year’s carnival would not have been possible without the support of the following people:

·       Sunshine Coast Junior Rugby League
·       Sunshine Coast Council
·       Carnival sponsors including TJS Services, Triple Play, Imagetec and Red Corner Productions
·       Central Division QRL and NRL Development, Operations and Administration staff
·       Players and coaching staff
·       Match officials
·       Volunteers and;
·       Ball kids

The State Junior Championships will head north next year with the Mackay Junior Rugby League hosting the 2018 event at the Mackay JRL Fields.


Under 14 BOYS 1v2 FINAL: CENTRAL 16 (Jayden Thurston 2, Tyler Conroy tries; Christopher Robinson 2 goals) drew SEQ GREEN 16 (Jesse Tagatanuu, Mustafa Kaya, Kaleb Ngamanu tries; Floyd Aubrey 2 goals)

Under 14 BOYS 3v4 FINAL: SEQ WHITE 38 (Jordan Lewis 2, Jonathon Tapau, Tuvalli Khan-Pereira, Kruz Rimene, Orlando Swain, Cooper Day tries; Jordan Lewis 2, Jermaine Unuia 2, Vincent Sefo goal) defeated NORTHERN 6 (Ieremia Nanai try; Jordan Davies goal)

Under 16 BOYS 1v2 FINAL: SEQ WHITE 42 (Ezra Coulston, Tristan Powell, Will Evans, Alofiana Khan-Pereira, Danny Heenan, Andrew Semu, Cruise Ten tries; Ezra Coulston 7 goals) defeated SEQ GREEN 30 (Feao Maka 2, Eli Morgan, Iele Ioane, Zac Brooks tries; Joshua James 2 goals)

Under 16 BOYS 3v4 FINAL: NORTHERN 36 (Kahlani Mooney 2, Bradley Schneider, Leo Blennerhassett, David Musumeci, Jack Hoffman, Alastair Moloney tries; Bailey Biondi-Odo 2, Bradley Schneider goals) defeated CENTRAL 28 (Sam Ogden 2, Jake Simpkin 2, Joseph Lowe tries; Braden Whittaker 4 goals)


CENTRAL 28 (Flynn Kelso 3, Christopher Robinson, Brayden Duffy tries, Jayden Thurston tries; Christopher Robinson 2 goals) defeated SEQ GREEN 10 (Jesse Tagatanuu, Kaleb Ngamanu tries; Boston Tagg goal)

NORTHERN 30 (Ieremia Nanai 2, Hubert Elu, Reville MacPhee, Japeth Mundraby, Jackson Barling tries; Jordan Davies 2 goals) defeated SEQ WHITE 12 (Sam Capel, Kruz Rimene tries; Jordan Lewis 2 goals)

CENTRAL 34 (Keanu Wright-Dunrobin 2, Zachary Beckwith 2, Flynn Kelso, Blake Cesari, Xavier Va’a tries; Christopher Robinson 3 goals) defeated SEQ WHITE 6 (Prinston Esera try; Jordan Lewis goal)

SEQ GREEN 26 (Ezra Howe 2, Jackson Chang, Anthony Roma, Kaleb Ngamanu tries; Aiden Severns 3 goals) defeated NORTHERN 4 (Mitchell White try)

SEQ GREEN 22 (Jackson Chang, Wehi-Te Clarke, Brody Smitka, Kaleb Ngamanu tries; Ezra Mam 2, Aiden Severns goal) defeated SEQ WHITE 0

CENTRAL 34 (Brayden Duffy 2, Keanu Wright-Dunrobin, Angus Wright, Oliver Frazer, Blake Cesari tries; Christopher Robinson 5 goals) defeated NORTHERN 0


CENTRAL 28 (Skye Girard 2, Georgia Voll, Courtney-Lee Nolan, Traevonnah Fisher, Emmogen Taumafai tries; Delaney Claridge goal) defeated SEQ 4 (Raven Tihema-Mako try)

CENTRAL 28 (Katelyn Anderson 2, Georgia Voll, Courtney-Lee Nolan, Prue Peters tries; Delaney Claridge 3 goals) defeated NORTHERN 0

CENTRAL 16 (Skye Girard 2, Taiah Ardley tries; Georgia Voll, Delaney Claridge goals) defeated SEQ 4 (Lily Maxwell-Murray try)

NORTHERN 32 (Keneisha Riddle, Siniva Sa’Anga, Karleighah Mairu, Shanaye Watson, Gladys Nona, Elisa Niki tries; Emily Bella 4 goals) defeated SEQ 8 (Fuatino Ah-Him, Hayley Cartwright tries)

NORTHERN 22 (Emily Bella, Sinivia Sa’Anga, Karleighah Mairu, India MacPhee tries; Emily Bella 3 goals) defeated SEQ 8 (Samara Mathers, Mackenzie Baty tries)

CENTRAL 36 (Courtney-Lee Noaln 2, Georgia Voll, Prue Peters, Katelyn Anderson, Emmogen Taumafai, Olivia Cave tries; Delaney Claridge 4 goals) defeated NORTHERN 6 (Keneisha Riddle try; Emily Bella goal)


SEQ GREEN 38 (Fanitesi Niu 2, Eli Morgan 2, Gracen Sproule 2, Ryan Garner tries; Toby Sexton 3, Joshua James 2 goals) defeated CENTRAL 22 (Jay Lenuto, Jake Simpkin, Joseph Lowe, Zakhary Mihai-Yates tries; Braden Whittaker 3 goals)

SEQ WHITE 30 (Thomas Dearden 3, Danny Heenan 2 tries; Ezra Coulston 5 goals) defeated NORTHERN 0

SEQ WHITE 26 (Alofiana Khan-Periera 2, Kyle Fairbank, Thomas Dearden, Andrew Semu tries; Ezra Coulston 2, Nathan Stephenson goals) defeated CENTRAL 10 (Sam Ogden, Jake Simpkin tries; Braden Whittaker goal)

SEQ GREEN 42 (Feao Maka 3, Fanitesi Niu, Eli Morgan, Stanley Jackson, Gracen Sproule, Nelson Grove tries; Toby Sexton 3, Joshua James 2 goals) defeated NORTHERN 8 (Rayden Burns, David Musumeci tries)

SEQ GREEN 32 (Fanitesi Niu 2, Iele Ioane, Harrison Graham, Eli Morgan tries; Toby Sexton 5 goals) defeated SEQ WHITE 32 (Will Evans 2, Nathan Stephensen, Thomas Dearden, Alofiana Khan-Periera, Cruise Ten tries; Ezra Coulston 4 goals)

CENTRAL 26 (Jay Lanuto 2, Connor Williams, Leyton Milburn, Cameron Fitzsimmons, Joseph Lowe tries; Braden Whittaker goal) defeated NORTHERN 24 (Bailey Biondi-Odo, Joshua Smith, Leo Blennehassett, Rayden Burns, Alastair Moloney tries; Bailey Biondi-Odo 2 goals)


SEQ 28 (Alofa Apulu 2, Sidney Taylor 2, Diaz Seumanutafa, Elizae Ashley-Ott tries; Jessikah Reeves, Keilee Joseph goals) defeated CENTRAL 6 (Jasmine Walters try; Melanie Watherston goal)

SEQ 22 (Jessikah Reeves, Zjane McCourt, Trinity Manuel-Liolevave, Jayda Lofipo tries; Nakita Sao 2, Chante Temara goal) defeated NORTHERN 6 (Jamaica Lampton try; Emma Manzelmann goal)

CENTRAL 26 (Abelee Stanley 2, Lashaun Miller, Melanie Watherston, Macey Finlay tries; Claudia Nepson 3 goals) defeated NORTHERN 10 (Layne Bennett, Rease Casey tries; Emma Manzelmann goal)

SEQ 30 (Jessikah Reeves 2, Sara McGovern, Diaz Seumanutafa, Mia Luafutu, Acacia Wulf, Zjane McCourt tries; Chante Temara goal) defeated NORTHERN 6 (Courtney Reynolds try; Emma Manzelmann goal)

CENTRAL 26 (Melanie Watherston, Jasmine Walters, Skye Houliston, Haylea Lonergan, Mariesha Orr tries; Claudia Nepson, Macey Finlay goal) defeated NORTHERN 6 (Fetau Unite try; Emma Manzelmann goal)

SEQ 22 (Diaz Seumanutafa, Keilee Joseph, Mia Luafutu, Gracfe Faapoi, Raewyn Burt tries; Chante Temara goal) defeated CENTRAL 4 (Melanie Watherston try)


Under 14 BOYS

# TEAM W L +/- PTS
1 Central 3 0 +80 18
2 SEQ Green 2 1 +26 12
3 Northern 1 2 -38 6
4 SEQ White 0 3 -68 0

Under 14 GIRLS

# TEAM W L +/- PTS
1 Central 4 0 +94 23
2 Northern 2 2 -20 11
3 SEQ 0 4 -74 2

Under 16 BOYS

# TEAM W L +/- PTS
1 SEQ Green 3 0 +52 15
2 SEQ Green 2 1 +44 13
3 Central 1 2 -30 6
4 Northern 0 3 -66 2

Under 16 GIRLS

# TEAM W L +/- PTS
1 SEQ 4 0 +80 24
2 Central 2 2 -4 11
3 Northern 0 4 -76 1

*6 points are available per game:
2pts for each half won
1pt for each half drawn
0pts for each half lost
2pts for winning the match