This weekend, the QRL Central Division will host the annual 47th Battalion Under 20s carnival at Webb Park, Yeppoon.

In its third year of the new stand-alone format, six teams from across the Division will converge to play for the annual trophy.

Defending premiers Rockhampton will take on Bundaberg, Central Highlands, Gladstone, South Burnett and the best of the Queensland Outback over two days.

Following last year’s success, supporters will once again be able to follow the action live through live scoring and live commentary via Spreaker, to ensure those who can’t be at the games don’t miss a tackle, line break or try.

Games commence at 10am Saturday, July 8 and will conclude with the grand final at 11.30am on Sunday, July 9.

Follow all the live action at:

Listen to all the live action at:


Saturday, July 8
10am A Rockhampton v QLD Outback
11.15am B Central Highlands v Bundaberg
12.30pm A South Burnett v QLD Outback
1.45pm B Central Highlands v Gladstone
3pm A Rockhampton v South Burnett
4.15pm B Bundaberg v Gladstone
Sunday, July 9
9am FINAL Pool A 3rd v Pool B 3rd
10.15am FINAL Pool A 2nd v Pool B 2nd
11.30am FINAL Pool A 1st v Pool B 1st

Each match will be played in 2x30 minute halves with a 10 minute halftime break.



1. Josiah Alberts 2. Samuel Robinson 3. Jayden Alberts 4. Rueben Olive 5. Layton Chambers 6. Ben Waters 7. Nathan Anaru 8. Brendan Stewart 9. Jackson Paulson 10. Heti Kafoa 11. Corey Hellmuth 12. Trent Seeds 13. Aaron Flanagan 14. Jack Horder 15. Jesse Robertson 16. Tyrell Howard 17. Brandon Law 18. Elijaeh Alefaio 19. Letuia Eliu

Coach: Antonio Kaufusi


1. Jason King 2. Bo King 3. Lachlan Rodgers 4. Lachlan Reid 5. Jesse Hall 6. Will Pakie 7. Brodee Barrett 8. Dylan Brandenburg 9. Dwayne Parsons 10. Will Mohr 11. Ari Hannah 12. Jacob Weatherley 13. Jack Dagan 14. Tristan Browne 15. Calin Schrader 16. Riley McLay 17. Tremayne Pita-Robinson 18. Connor Maclennan 19. Matt McCarthy

Coach: RJ Stewart


1. Jack Morgan 2. Tuiwaqa Tamani 3. Josh Stevens 4. Ben Ryan 5. Alex Smith 6. Logan Pengally 7. Jai Parter 8. Kale Robertson 9. Jacob Jones 10. Dylan Brown 11. Jack Cameron 12. Jack Davies 13. Tom Wright 14. Mason Collette 15. Willie Waia 16. Brandan Steele 18. Matthew Wilson 19. Matt McKeown 

Coach: Dennis Moore


1. Billy Coonan 2. Travis Campbell 3. Thomas Barron 4. Martin Crough 5. Daley Doyle 6. Brayden Anderson 7. Sam Munns 8. Jarmaine Willett 9. Brendan Dann 10. John Russo 11. Jackson Spears 12. Raiden Van Kuijck 13. Jeremy Mills 14. Caleb Collins-Maunder 15. Lachlan Munro 16. Jake Bernie 17. Jake Richardson 18. James Bridgeman 19. Morris Pickering

Coach: Alby Anderson


1. Elijah Anderson 2. Jordan Moffitt 3. Brenton Pinkerton 4. Isaiah Sullivan 5. Gabriel Hamson 6. Richard Sisifa 7. Ryan Flintham 8. Tyler Szepanowski 9. Nick Brose 10. Riley Reid 11. Zaine Hammond 12. Lachlan Norris 13. Josh Irwin 14. Shaun Ezzy 15. Jack Pattie 16. Robert Lammermoor 17. Baye Simpson 18. Zane Wilson 19. Matt Baker

Coach: Paul Bramley


1. Jeffrey Vaughan 2. Buddy Stanley 3. Errol Simpson 4. Frederick Cobbo 5. Coby Sullivan 6. Brent Greenslade 7. Bawoo Fisher 8. Michael Giles 9. Maurice Fisher 10. Jade Allery 11. Peter Bollan 12. Joshua Brown 13. Jordan Wilson 14. Blake McMahon 15. Mitchell Bleys 16. Tirstan Parry 17. Cohen Beggs 18. Connor Sullivan 19. TBA

Coach: Joel Smallwood