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Reminder of extra time rules for finals

QRL Competitions Manager David Maiden has moved to remind clubs, players and supporters of rules surrounding extra time and use of HIAs, as we enter the finals of the Intrust Super Cup and Hastings Deering Colts.

11.7. If scores are equal at the conclusion of normal time in any Finals Series match, then in such matches a period of extra time shall follow.
11.8. The commencement of the period of extra time shall be determined by the toss of a coin as described under the Laws of the Game.
11.9. If no point or points have been scored after a further period of five (5) minutes, the referee shall cease play and teams shall immediately change ends. The team that did not kick-off to commence the initial period of extra time, will kick-off to recommence the second period.
11.10. Play shall then continue on an unlimited time basis until the first point or points have been scored to determine the winner of the match
11.11. In such extra time, the first scorer of any point or points (e.g. field goal, penalty goal or try) will immediately be declared the winner.
11.12. If a try is scored in extra time the conversion kick will not be permitted.

1. HIAs are only to be used for the purposes as outlined in 25.29 of the Major Competitions Operations Manual
2. HIAs are not permissible in any Extra Time played – these become regular Interchanges as per below.

25.26. In matches that go into extra time, the Interchange Official must hand back the interchange cards numbered 1 & 2 to each club so that these cards can be used for the additional interchanges permitted during extra time. Any unused cards from regular time must be used first before the 1 & 2 numbers are utilised.