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Ipswich Brothers help build better home for little Jack

There are plenty of heart-warming examples of the rugby league family stepping up to help out those in need.

The latest example has come in from the Ipswich Brothers Rugby League Club – with players picking the the tool kit to assist the family of young Jack Thompson.

Six-year-old Jack had an operation late last year to remove a tennis-ball sized tumour from his brain. While the surgery was a success – it caused him to lose his speech and ability to move, which meant it was difficult for him to be comfortable at home.

The Brothers players were there to revamp the family’s bathroom; with the overhaul allowing Jack more accessibility around his home.

Jack’s grandfather James McGill is an Ipswich Brothers Old Boy and posted a thank you message on his Facebook page which has been reproduced below (nb – edits made for clarity): 

"When you are part of a club you it is like a small community and it is not until you hit hard times that you actually learn just how wonderful it is to have such a great group of people in your corner.

"In October last year, our gorgeous grandson was diagnosed with a massive brain tumour.

"As you could imagine, this would and did destabilise our entire family.

"A couple of days later and this brave little 6-year-old was having life-saving surgery with no idea with what would lay ahead.

"Post op, Jack experienced a condition that would leave him with no speech or movement and no idea of if or when he would regain these things we all take for granted.

"Then one day; Brothers Football Club asked would it be okay if a few players, coach, committee and supporters could come and visit.

"This meant so much to our family to have the support of such wonderful people.

"That wasn’t enough, club captain Matty Kuss and club legend Isaac Creedy wanted to whatever they could to help Jack’s recovery. 

"So, when the hospital staff thought it was time for Jack to go home in January to continue his recovery, these wonderful young men rallied a bunch of mates and went about the demolition of the family’s bathroom and commence building a new bathroom that could accommodate Jack’s needs while he recovers.

"On behalf of my family who have been humbled by this incredible gesture, we have nothing but praise for what they have done.

"Thank you so much: Isaac, Matty, Shane and Brodie Kerr, Tommy Belford, Damien West and Jakob Tierney.

"A big thank you also goes out to Jy Cruice Tiling, Matt Reynolds Tiling, Triple J Plasterboard and Tiling, Healey Plumbing Services, Graphic Glass and David Gaule Electrical for giving either time, building supplies or your workers.

"Without your support, it would have been very difficult for us to achieve what we did.

"In the words of the great Brodie Kerr, GOD BLESS.

"We will keep you posted on our little champions progress and recovery."

Well done to all involved and the rugby league community wishes Jack and his family all the best on his road to recovery.

Photos via Ipswich Brothers Facebook