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Intrust Super Cup Round 6 hot tips

Competition has well and truly heated up in the Intrust Super Cup.

A mixed bag of results in the first five rounds has made life extremely difficult for Queensland Rugby League's star tippers.

Heading into Round 6, Easts Tigers and Sunshine Coast Falcons are both undefeated. 

The two sides will face off at Sunshine Coast Stadium on Saturday.

Central Queensland Capras, Souths Logan Magpies and last year's winners Redcliffe Dolphins have only won one game each, and PNG Hunters are yet to win a game. 

Out of a possible 35 points, commentator extraordinaire Peter Psaltis leads with 26, and Queensland stars Annette Brander and Meg Ward are struggling at the bottom of the ladder. 

Ward said "early days... we will come back". 

Star tipper ladder

  Star tipper Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Total score
1. Peter Psaltis 3/7 5/7 6/7 7/7 5/7 26
2. Ben Ikin 4/7 3/7 4/7 6/7 6/7 23
3. Joel Gould 3/7 3/7 4/7 7/7 6/7 23
4. Jeff Horn 4/7 5/7 4/7 6/7 3/7 22
5. Petero Civoniceva 3/7 3/7 5/7 6/7 5/7 22
6. Brent Tate 4/7 3/7 2/7 7/7 5/7 21
7. Annette Brander 3/7 4/7 3/7 4/7 4/7 18
8. Meg Ward 2/7 5/7 3/7 4/7 4/7 18

Who have they all backed for Round 6?

Star tipper Falcons v Tigers Blackhawks v Dolphins Bears v WM Seagulls Pride v Magpies Cutters v Seagulls Capras v Hunters Jets v Devils
Annette Brander Falcons Dolphins Bears Magpies Cutters Capras Jets
Ben Ikin Falcons Dolphins WM Seagulls Magpies Cutters Hunters Jets
Brent Tate Tigers Blackhawks Bears Pride Cutters Capras Devils
Jeff Horn Falcons Blackhawks Bears Pride Cutters Capras Devils
Joel Gould Falcons Blackhawks Bears Pride Seagulls Capras Jets
Meg Ward Tigers Blackhawks WM Seagulls Magpies Cutters Capras Devils
Peter Psaltis Tigers Blackhawks Bears Magpies Seagulls Capras Jets
Petero Civoniceva Tigers Blackhawks Bears Magpies Seagulls Capras Jets