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Central Crows junior teams announced

At the completion of the Central Junior Carnival in Bundaberg today, the Central Crows junior teams were announced.

All four teams will represent the Region at this year's State Championships to be held at Sunshine Coast Stadium from Thursday, July 4 - Sunday, July 7.

Congratulations to the following players who were selected.


Jayden Alefaio (Sunshine Coast Falcons)
Lincoln Baran (Central Queensland Capras)
Joel Fewquandie (Wide Bay Bulls)
Brayden Crawford (Western Mustangs)
Harry Eyers (Western Mustangs)
Hoani Harris (Central Queensland Capras)
Tyler Peckham-Harris (Central Queensland Capras)
Cayleb Johnson (Wide Bay Bulls)
Connor Lacey (Western Mustangs)
Giago Giuffrida-Munhoz (Sunshine Coast Falcons)
Noah Raulini (Central Queensland Capras)
Jayden Smith (Sunshine Coast Falcons)
Dominique Sandow (Wide Bay Bulls)
Bud Smith (Western Mustangs)
Brock Thomas (Sunshine Coast Falcons)
Lyhkan King-Togia (Western Mustangs)
Tariq Tanner (Central Queensland Capras)
Matthew Williams (Western Mustangs)
De La Salle Va’a (Western Mustangs)

Coach: Bryce Holdsworth


Tashma-Maree Antonio (Sunshine Coast Falcons)
Ciyoulani Beezley (Western Mustangs)
Charlotte Blackwood (Sunshine Coast Falcons)
Shaybella Bouna (Sunshine Coast Falcons)
Mariah Brown (Western Mustangs)
Mackayla Champion (Central Queensland Capras)
Katelyn Collie (Western Mustangs)
Tori Dakin (Central Queensland Capras)
Reegan Hicks (Sunshine Coast Falcons)
Katelyn Leech (Sunshine Coast Falcons)
Leila Murphy (Central Queensland Capras)
Mackayla Oakley (Central Queensland Capras)
Chloe Pallisier (Western Mustangs)
Shayla Powell (Central Queensland Capras)
Miah Powell (Central Queensland Capras)
Madison Pryde (Sunshine Coast Falcons)
Maddison Riley (Western Mustangs)
Nancy Sullivan (Sunshine Coast Falcons)
Mackenzie Zeller (Western Mustangs)

Coach: Terri Weatherley


Morgan Byrne (Western Mustangs)
Grady Callaghan (Central Queensland Capras)
Blake Cesari (Western Mustangs)
Tyler Conroy (Western Mustangs)
Glen Fisher (Wide Bay Bulls)
Izaac Jackson (Central Queensland Capras)
Tyler Keogh-Paladin (Central Queensland Capras)
Shaun Packer (Western Mustangs)
Ky Rashleigh (Western Mustangs)
Jesse Pace (Sunshine Coast Falcons)
Brayden Paix (Western Mustangs)
Tyson Stevens (Western Mustangs)
Cyron Tull (Central Queensland Capras)
Jaeden Usher (Sunshine Coast Falcons)
Xavier Va’a (Western Mustangs)
Jackson Warde (Central Queensland Capras)
Coby Williamson (Central Queensland Capras)
Keanu Wright-Dunrobin (Western Mustangs)
Angus Wright (Western Mustangs)

Coach: Mal McMillan


Katelyn Anderson (Western Mustangs)
Delaney Claridge (Central Queensland Capras)
Tarnee Evans (Sunshine Coast Falcons)
Traevonnah Fisher (Wide Bay Bulls)
Grace Giampino (Sunshine Coast Falcons)
Skye Girrard (Wide Bay Bulls)
Abbey Holley (Western Mustangs)
Ashlea Nolan (Western Mustangs)
Courtney-Lee Nolan (Western Mustangs)
Prue Peters (Central Queensland Capras)
Otesa Pule (Sunshine Coast Falcons)
Jayde Ramsay (Central Queensland Capras)
Shaniqua Tamwoy (Central Queensland Capras)
Immogen Taumafai (Sunshine Coast Falcons)
Tamzen Taumafai (Sunshine Coast Falcons)
Georgia Voll (Western Mustangs)
Alenna Whipp (Central Queensland Capras)
Sophie Wright (Central Queensland Capras)
Lillian Yarrow (Central Queensland Capras)

Coach: Brad Eggmolesse

With the cessation of the Under 13 Boys competition at the State Championships, the Region has again selected a 30-man development squad for this age group to meet and train together in late September.

Congratulations to the following players who have been invited to attend.


Curtis Brierley, Jett Day, Ethan Halberstater, Clancy Hohn, Braelan Marsh, Baylee Meilland, Ethan Payne, Tavita Penaia-Te’o, Maxwell Phineasa-McIntyre, Dylan Streeter, Banjo Walker, Issac Walker.


Jai Bowden, Ethan Gannon, Zac Garton, Trey Looms, Taij Roberts, Tarji Robertson, Blain Watson.


Tyler Brimblecombe, Sam Brooks, Thomas Fry, Jordell Hopkins, Cheis Mann.


Dominic Bunyoung, Dawson Hess, Kevin Langton, Thomas Morcom, Ethan Norman, Christian Simpson.