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Rugby league embedded in Hauff family genes

If you have ever been to Blackall, or know someone in Blackall, chances are the name Hauff would have been mentioned once or twice.

If you have ever played against the Magpies, it's a certainty that would have played against a Hauff.

At last Saturday's grand final, Patricia Hauff attended the game to watch her eight grandsons play for her beloved team.

John, Carl, Kelly, Mitchell, Justin and Andrew Hauff, as well as Matthew and Gavin Weymss all pulled on a black and white jersey on Saturday.

Also in attendance was Mark Weymss, another grandson, who had played with the Magpies only a couple of years ago until a severe leg injury curtailed his career. 

The setback didn’t keep him away from the game, going on to be the president of the club for a couple of years.

The extended Hauff family dynasty after the 2018 premiership win.
The extended Hauff family dynasty after the 2018 premiership win. ©Sally Cripps / Queensland Country Life

Patricia’s family are still part of the Magpies with Peter the assistant coach, Bevan the time keeper and ground announcer and Tony, who looks after the bar. 

Not to be outdone, daughter Colleen Weymss (who washes the team’s jerseys) also had her two sons playing and was at the game to support the family.

Peter, Bevan and Tony had also previously played and won premierships for the historic town.

Patricia’s husband Colin, who sadly passed away in 2002, was a member of the side who last won back-to-back premierships over 60 years ago.

That's three generations in the one family who have played and won premierships in the Central West for their beloved Magpies.

Well done to Patricia and Colin - they have certainly done their part to ensure the success of the incumbent Central West premiers.

It's no doubt the Hauff name will remain synonymous with the Blackall Magpies for many years to come with rugby league DNA well and truly embedded in the family's genes.