Outback to NRL - Part 3: The early years

Former Outback turned NRL stars Kurt Mann, Kurt Capewell and Luke Bateman are back for the final Outback to NRL episode which this time places a focus on their early years and the people who helped them on their journey.

"Growing up I was lucky to have a number of different coaches, and all of them were very good and I still remember every single one of them," Bateman said.

Sharks star Capewell also spoke about his junior days in Charleville, playing alongside a girl called Kailah Rogers, who is achieving good things of her own in the sport.

Mann not only provided advice for young players coming up in the game, but also to the coaches and parents of the aspiring stars.

"The main thing is, it's about fun for the young kids; they are some of the moments I cherish most and some of my fondest memories are running around out whether it be Barcaldine or Longreach or Winton, running around barefoot on the fields out there ...," Mann said.

They all also expressed their thanks to the referees who are often volunteers themselves, giving up their time to help kids play the game they love. 


Part 1 of the series saw the players share their junior rugby league experiences and their pathway to the NRL.

Part 2 looked at the importance of choosing a healthy lifestyle.

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