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The Buchmueller family love Queensland. They love the Maroons and can't stand the Blues. They epitomise what it is to be a Queenslander and they're proud.

Susan and David Buchmueller, and their teenage children Ben and Emma, from Holland Park on Brisbane's south side, live for State of Origin.

Their fridge gets stocked with XXXX from the bottle shop Susan works at, they head to the Brisbane game every year, and they chant 'Queenslander' to help will the mighty Maroons to victory. 

"We go as a family every year," Susan said. "We would never miss and Origin... we love it."

The foursome became Maroon Members a few years ago because the thought of sitting next to people donning blue sent shivers down their spines. 

The Buchmueller family. Photo: Susan Buchmueller
The Buchmueller family. Photo: Susan Buchmueller

"Previously we'd tried to get tickets but we'd either we didn't want to be in any old section... now we know we were going to sit with Maroons people - all like-minded people.

"My husband is a born and bred Queenslander, so it's in his blood. 

"I'm actually from Melbourne, but when I came up to Brisbane I really had no choice. 

"The atmosphere at the games is unbelievable. I've never been to an NRL grand final, but I've been to many AFL grand finals, and it would be equivalent to the atmosphere there.

"You've got everyone, especially at Suncorp, apart from a few Blues, all going for the same team. That's what makes the atmosphere."

Susan said her husband, who "has been through the ages", had a special jersey that only came out at Origin time. 

"He loves Wally Lewis, obviously Allan Langer and Darren Lockyer - all of those guys. He's actually got a jersey from the old days, with all of the signatures on it, and it only comes out at Origin time, when he wears it," Susan said. 

"It's all the modern day players my kids love... Billy Slater, Cameron Smith and of course now Dane Gagai.

"We shook Billy Slater’s hand on the sidelines after his last game as a Maroon.

"My son meet Darren Lockyer at a junior rugby league sign on day and I also met Billy Slater at his book signing."

Susan said being a Maroon Member, she loved getting updates all year, which helped keep the Maroons spirit alive outside of the three Origin games. 

"We get updates. It's just the whole experience all year. We got an email from Kevin Walters the other day, which has been eagerly read, so yeah, it's just the whole thing, it's very good," Susan said. 

The mum-of-two, a bronze member, won a four-day trip on P&O Cruises' 2020 Holden State of Origin Cruise, after P&O decided to reward a renewing Maroon Member. 

Captain Thaiday and crew in Sydney

They will sail from Brisbane to Sydney aboard the Pacific Dawn for Origin Game II. 

"I'm still in shock.... I can't believe it," Susan said.

"I'm like 'is this happening to us?' I've never won a thing in my life except a $2 scratchie. 

"The kids are jealous. Thank goodness we've got tickets to the third game otherwise they wouldn't be impressed."