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#WellbeingWednesday: Staying connected

Welcome to another episode of Queensland Rugby League's #WellbeingWednesday series, providing handy tips and helpful advice to improve overall wellness.

Each Wednesday, Luke Archer, from QRL's wellbeing and education team, will cover a hot topic people may need some further guidance on. This week, it's all about staying connected.

Staying connected

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Australia has been challenged to stay connected due to the government's isolation and social distancing regulations.

Here are some handy tips to overcome the challenge and remain connected with family, friends, work colleagues and the world during this time.

#WellbeingWednesday: Staying connected

Self isolation does not mean stop communicating

With the country being asked to #stayhome to stop the spread of COVID-19, now is the most important time to communicate with family, friends and work colleagues.

Use two-way communication methods

Think of communication as a game of rugby league - great footy matches have good sets by both teams ... communication is the same.

Whilst using social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are great networking tools, audio and visual platforms like FaceTime, Skype, Zoom or similar applications on your device, along with traditional methods such as phone and email, are more effective ways to allow direct, two-way communication with each other.

Connect to yourself

To feel more connected to others, it’s important that we first connect to ourselves.

It's a great time to identify what activities allow you to find connection within yourself. It could be through physical activity, recreational activities such as gardening or even reading a book - find what helps you to connect with yourself.

It's also important to identify what is wanted out of your life. I'm sure many have always used the excuse 'I just haven't had the time to do that'.

Spend five minutes now to ask yourself ... 'what is it I want out of my life?' 

Upon doing this, spend some further time to write down the things you'd like to achieve in your life - they may be short-term and / or long-term goals.

During this period where all of a sudden, time is no longer a roadblock for many, hopefully a few of the goals you have written down can become a reality.

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