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Fast five with Jasmine Peters

Jasmine Peters is a star on the rise. 

The versatile back is no stranger to followers of women's rugby league, having been part of the Queensland Rugby League's emerging pathways for a number of years, including earning selection in the Queensland Under 18 team that played in the curtain-raiser for the women's State of Origin match last year.

A member of the North Queensland Gold Stars squad in the statewide BHP Premiership competition, Peters took time out to take on the 'fast five' challenge.

Fast five with Jasmine Peters

Football family – does anyone else in your family play? Who and with which team?

I have had a very strong footy influence from my family growing up. My dad played at state and national levels for schoolboys and made the Australian merit team, as well as playing in the junior Under 19s for the Broncos back in his day. He now wholeheartedly embraces women in league, coaching the local back-to-back A grade women’s grand final winners Mackay Brothers. He also runs the under 18 and open women’s Cutter’s football academies and helps the football community wherever he can. My two younger brothers are both football fanatics and both play for my junior club, Mackay Norths Devils. My brothers are always tackling each other or diving in the backyard, pretending they are in a match-winning scenario. The only reason they come inside is if they are exhausted, or if dinner is ready.

Favourite footy memory?

My favourite footy memory would have to be my last game for juniors, in the grand final for 2019. It had taken not just myself, but my team mates and coaching staff four years of tough love, dedication and learning from mistakes to make it to the grand final. It was an extremely close game, but unfortunately, we went down in the last 30 seconds. We might not have won, but we still celebrated like we did because at the end of the day, we achieved our goal by making the grand final and winning would have just been a bonus. This is my favourite memory because although we did not win, I believe I won more than just the game. I won new friendships and a family, and learnt the value of patience and that with resilience and hard work you can achieve your goals.

Fashion – what’s the most worn item in your wardrobe?

I pretty much just live in footy gear and over-sized tees because it is practical and comfy. I am usually always at training and if not, you will find me doing something footy related, even if its just mucking around with my brothers in the backyard.

Behind the scenes with North Queensland Gold Stars

Fitness tips? Any favourite exercises / tips for staying motivated?

I will admit I am a very competitive person and I like training with someone to gauge how hard that person is working so I can push myself to work even harder. My favourite type of exercise is doing high intensity sessions like sprint work and weights sessions in the gym. Although I tend to gravitate towards lower body workouts and core exercises as well as maintaining my speed, I have been using this time in isolation to work on exercises I do not particularly enjoy. I have started going for hour-long jogs around a park I live near and doing more upper body strengthening exercises. As for tips for staying motivated, I think that setting a challenge between yourself and your training buddies or your mates is good because it really motivates you to want to do better.

Find out more – is there anything you are studying, reading, watching now that you are spending more time at home?

Between balancing studying and completing my final year of high school, training and working, I have not really stopped too much to make a list of things that I would like to learn. Although I have been cooking more frequently and have learnt that I enjoy the activity a lot.

Favourite footy photo

In action for the Queensland Under 18 side at North Sydney Oval last year. Photo: NRL Images
In action for the Queensland Under 18 side at North Sydney Oval last year. Photo: NRL Images