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QRL approves suppliers to support community rugby league

The Queensland Rugby League, as part of its ongoing support for community rugby league, is pleased to announce the next term of suppliers within the Q Licensing Program.

This program is guided by a tender process with official suppliers appointed across the following categories – on-field apparel, referees on-field apparel and official match ball.

QRL managing director Robert Moore said the impact of COVID-19 this year had been a key consideration in how the league had shaped the program moving forward.

“As such, we opted to extend the term of the licence by an additional year to 2024,” Moore said.

“We believe the implementation of a four-year term will provide added stability for everyone involved.

“We are still very much focused on the future growth of the game, and this particular program is important in that respect because it provides revenue streams that are fed back to community leagues and clubs.

“Just as importantly, the Q Licensing Program upholds our brand and plays an integral part in ensuring the quality of playing gear.”

Key components of the new four-year term include:

  • The on-field licence has been increased from six suppliers to seven to ensure sufficient choice and coverage across Queensland
  • Two new suppliers – O’Neills and Zibara – enter for the supply of on-field kit.  Struddys, EMU Sportswear, Classic Sports Industries, Triple Play and Dynasty Sport continue as licensed suppliers in this category
  • The referees’ on-field licence has been expanded to include two suppliers – Struddys and Zibara – to make sure competitive pricing is available for associations
  • The match ball remains an exclusive category to Steeden for the duration of the four-year term

Q Licensing Program: 2021-2024

Jersey / short (new)

  • O’Neills
  • Zibara

Jersey / short (existing rolling over)

  • Struddys
  • Classic Sports Industries
  • Triple Play
  • EMU Sportswear
  • Dynasty Sport


  • Struddys
  • Zibara


  • Steeden