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Toowoomba junior club ambassadors recognised for resilience

A special presentation was held last month to recognise the 2020 Toowoomba Junior Rugby League club captains and ambassadors who had shown great resilience during a difficult season.

While the TJRL Ambassador Ball was cancelled earlier this year because of the coronavirus pandemic, the TJRL Management Committee were determined to run a small event to congratulate club captains and ambassadors in some capacity.

The special event was held at the Toowoomba Brothers clubhouse where club captains and ambassadors had their photo taken, were presented with a congratulatory gift from the TJRL and were part of a recorded interview with TJRL Secretary, and local media personality, Vicki Thompson who was the MC of the presentations.

“We always intended to do something, we just had to consider what the scenario would be,” TJRL President Dan Aldons said.

“Given the year we have had; we were thrilled to have found a way to celebrate our club captains and ambassadors,” Aldons added.

Rueben Tatow, Meg Allen and TJ Helmstedt from Valleys Junior Rugby League. Photo: JD Photography
Rueben Tatow, Meg Allen and TJ Helmstedt from Valleys Junior Rugby League. Photo: JD Photography

Coronavirus threw a big spanner in the works for most club captains and ambassadors when it came to taking part in the usual ceremonies in their final year of high school.

Some school formals and other celebratory ceremonies were postponed across the region.

But the crucial need for social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19 did not stop Pittsworth ambassador Meg Fowler from enjoying the TJRL’s event.

“It was really great that the club captains and ambassadors got the opportunity to be recognised by the TJRL for their work throughout 2020,” Fowler said.

Although 2020 was not the year Fowler (main image with Zac Kahler) thought it would be, the Pittsworth State High School Year 12 student still enjoyed her role as the ambassador for Pittsworth Danes.

“Obviously, we could not do the big events that we usually would have done, but it was good to help out the club as much as we possibly could,” Fowler said.

The TJRL hopes to recognise its 50th year in competition in 2021.