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All you need to know about SEQW grand finals

It's grand final day for the South East Queensland Women's competitions.

After the action was brought to a grinding halt on the cusp of the finals series due to the COVID-19 lockdown and subsequent restrictions, the big dance will finally take centre stage at Bishop Park in Nundah with a big crowd expected to cheer on the best of the best women's rugby league in the South East corner.

Here's everything you need to know!


Time Division Match
12pm SEQW Community - Green Wynnum Manly Seagulls v Brothers St Brendan's
1.50pm SEQW Community - Orange Normanby Hounds v Parkwood Sharks
3.40pm SEQW Holcim Cup Goodna Eagles v Runaway Bay Seagulls

Team lists

12pm: SEQW Community - Green

Wynnum Manly Seagulls

1. Amelia Naawi 5. Wannakirr Fisher 3. Shania Morris 4. Elizabet Shelford 2. Tiffany Jackson 6. Kiriana Nukunuku 7. Zhane Kameta 8. Sammie Morunga 9. Candece Taupo 10. Liahona Theodore 11. Mickayela Luke 12. Kennedy Harrison-Vahua 13. Jayda Lofipo 17. Stacey-Leigh Samuel 19. Amber Riley 20. Lee-Anne Reuben 21. Amber Shelford 22. Wirihita Shelford 23. Anisitanisia Peihopa

Coach: Ngamoko Hiku

Brothers St Brendan's

1. Monique Christie-Johnston 3. Jolana Foster 4. Rose Rooney 5. Baylee Davies 6. Nailani Lang 7. Rachele Whelan 9. Tia Craig 10. Nofoasaosanadory Lupeomanu 12. Kayla Taputoa 13. Jessikah Reeves 14. Tiare-Jane Gray 15. Bree Goode 16. Phoebe Ryan 17. Samantha Stephen 18. Zara HAssard 19. Lisa Hennessy

Coach: Peter Cumner

1.50pm: SEQW Community - Orange

Normanby Hounds

1. Melissa Lonergan 2. Krystelle Pela-Polye 3. Amalda Amean 4. Karri Thomas 5. Catherine Topping 6. Chanel Breton 7. Jade Savanh 8. Kathryn Dorante 9. Priscilla Ventura 10. Alexandra Dorante 11. Zhane Fisher 12. Gemma Lyddon-Ruiz 13. Quinnie Warin 15. Tuscany Abala 16. Billie Lui 17. Rose Mangila 18. Melora Mosby-Abednego 19. Cassandra Barnes 20. Emily Casey 21. Jymekah Spence 22. Francis Glanville 23. May Kung

Coach: Kylan Lovai

Parkwood Sharks

1. Angela Barry 2. Leanne Hobday 3. Tayla Gray 4. Marjorie Kapeen 5. Rosie Merz 6. Tania Wallbank 7. Katie Shaw 8. Cassie Dover 9. Brylee Paulo 10. Skye Litson 11. Kathlena Notehy 12. Casey Dilworth 13. Jessica Northey 15. Lisa Leden 17. Summer Paulo 18. Nar-Neekie Cohen

Coach: Phil Berry

3.40pm: SEQW Holcim Cup

Goodna Eagles

1. Nikkita Cox 2. Angelina Viane 3. Siniva Ah Ki 4. Suzanne Johnson 5. Aaliyah Te Ngoungou 6. Vaituulima Soe 7. Bridget Smith 8. Rosanna Mauga 9. Lorina Leaunoa 11. Luisa Vaa 12. Kendelle Satour 13. Lucy Yakapo 14. Megan Prince 15. Tessa Vaoga 16. Marina Tapuai 17. Eleni Rokomatu 18. Bella PIta 19. Maria Nive Moefaauo

Coach: Roger Eliu

Runaway Bay Seagulls

1. Tarnisha Lyons 5. Faith Tutauha 3. Taylor Fenton 20. Keelee Waipuka 2. Kendall Ager 6. Paige Rogers 14. Keri-Jade Robertson 4. Josina Singapu 9. Ashleigh Quinlan 22. Shelley Fox 8. Brooklyn Rasmussen 17. Tallis Kahu 16. Horohia Tawhiri 13. Kahurangi Peters 18. Santara Zachan 12. Jane Parsons 7. Cobie-Jane Morgan 19. Felice Quinlan 15. Rona Peters 21. Georgia Simmonds

Coach: Rona Peters


Watch all the finals here.

The Holcim Cup final will be broadcast live and free on and the QRL Facebook page.

Goodna Eagles v Runaway Bay Seagulls

Live scores

Scores will be updated here during the matches.

Competition information

The SEQW Community matches will be played in 2 x 30 minute halves with time off.

The Holcim Cup will be played in 2 x 35 minute halves with time off.

Should the game be tied at full-time, one five minute golden-point period will be played. If the game still be drawn after the conclusion of that period, the teams will change ends and an unlimited golden-point period will be played until a winner is declared.

Venue information

Parking and entry to Bishop Park, Nundah is via Franklin Street.

Entry is $10.

A canteen and bar will be operating throughout the day.

Spectators will be required to check-in via the Check-in QLD app prior to entering the venue and must wear masks unless seated and / or are eating / drinking.