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Carter on the cusp of realising Broncos dream

Rugged Queensland Under 17 City forward Jacinta Carter wants to play NRLW with the Brisbane Broncos and the rugby league diehard is well on the way to realising that dream.

The 17-year-old North Devils lock has already been identified by the Broncos as a player with enormous potential and as an NRLW player of the future.

She is in the Broncos system and is highly regarded by dual-premiership winning Brisbane coach Kelvin Wright.

"I give her programs, watch her play and give her tips," Wright said.

"I have been really impressed with Jacinta's work ethic and attitude on and off the field. That is something I really noticed when I first saw her play.

"Her attributes of being a really strong forward are rare at her age and I see a lot of potential in her. Jacinta is a great person and Millie Boyle is someone she looks up to. Millie is an outstanding person for her to learn from." 

Knowing she is close to taking the next step has made Jacinta work much harder and "do all the right things" to make sure she is ready.

"My goal is to play NRLW next year when I am 18, and to make the Queensland Under 19 Origin side... that would be awesome," Jacinta said.

"I love playing in the forwards, particularly at lock. In that position I can take as many runs as I want and make as many tackles as I can. I love being in the middle because I love defence.

"My favourite players in the girls are Millie Boyle and Tamika Upton. They are so good. In the boys it is the guy that gets suspended all the time... Victor Radley."

Jacinta shares Radley's passion for the rough and tumble. Her love of rugby league is ingrained.

"I have two older brothers and they always played footy. That made me want to play because I was such a tomboy and liked being rough," Jacinta said.

"I started playing at gala days in primary school and absolutely smashed the boys. I knew then it was the sport for me."


Jacinta has previously attended an NRLW photoshoot with Harvey Norman Queensland Maroons star Meg Ward, where rising junior stars from their respective clubs got to participate in promoting the women's game.

"It was a really good day. Meg Ward is a really good mentor and I have looked up to her because of her positive attitude," Jacinta said.

"At the photoshoot I saw [Jillaroo] Kezie Apps as well and it was really cool to see those girls in real life and to think that in a few years I could be one of them and be in photoshoots with young girls who have been in the same position I was."

Jacinta attends rugby league powerhouse school Wavell State High and is thriving in the school's deep and rich rugby league history.

"In our gym there is a wall of students from the school who have been contracted, like Greg Inglis, and it is pretty cool to see how they were once in the same spot as us," Jacinta said.

"There are no girls up there yet, but I would love to be the first. It makes me believe it is possible to get there, but you have got to work hard for it."

Jacinta is working very hard ahead of the City versus Country showdown on Saturday at Redcliffe.

"I can't wait for the game and to be in camp," Jacinta said.

QLD City v QLD Country - Under 17 Girls

"It makes me feel like I am a professional. This is a huge pathway to where I want to be. Just being around the team and playing at a high level makes me so excited."

City coach Deanna Turner is also a fan of Jacinta's play and said she was the ultimate team player.

"JC is a really hard worker as a forward with a never-say-die attitude, and she is really physical," Turner said.

"When you need someone to do the hard yards, JC is who you want in your team."