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Last Saturday before the Under 15 game between the Gatton Hawks and the Pittsworth Danes, a minute silence was observed by a very large and emotional crowd at Cahill Park in Gatton.

The players, refs and supporters were showing their respect to a much loved sponsor and supporter of Gatton in Terry Nolan.

Terry of Nolan’s Transport sadly passed away after a long battle with cancer on Wednesday, April 9 aged 69 years. Mr Nolan and Nolan’s Transport has supported the Gatton Junior Rugby League Club for over 20 years by providing team sponsorship and always having a truck available for Fruit and Vegie Days for the club to raise funds to support their juniors.

Terry will be sadly missed by the Gatton community and the whole of the Toowoomba Junior Rugby League fraternity. We offer our sincere condolences to Terry’s wife Daph and her family.

Results from the Toowoomba Junior Rugby League 26/04/14

Gatton V Pittsworth

Under 11’s

Pittsworth 22 (tries Ryan Geran, Matthew Wilson, Gus Lorenz and Tobby Evans, goals Sterling Hamilton, Kayden Knight and Jacob Winter) def Gatton 8 (tries Chayse Hoger (2))  

Under 12’s

Pittsworth 42 (tries Darcy Lees (3), Macquire Moffatt (2), Stuart Face and Zane Carr, goals David Woodbridge (2), Patrick McGinn, Zane Carr, Kobie Grimshaw, Daniel Brown, Samuel Fraser Bezlette) def Gatton 4 (tries to Tom Langdale-Hunt)

Under 11/12’s

Gatton 14(tries Courtney-Lee Nolan, Harrison Stibbard and Noah Thomas, goals Boyd Barnwell-Cumner) def Pittsworth 4 (Jacob Winter)

Under 13’s

Gatton 36 (tries to Liam Tillack (3), Josh Hoger (2), Jackson Morgan, Luke Davies, goals Dylan Flanagan (4) def Pittsworth 12 (tries to Ollie Moy, Travis Smith, goals Chris Woodbridge and Connor Pearce.

Under 14’s

Gatton 12 (tries to Macen Job 3) drew Pittsworth 12 (tries Scott Fitzgerald and Liam Short, goals Mitchell Fowler, Liam Short).

Under 13/14’s

Pittsworth 36 (tries to Jacob Cameron, Scott Fitzgerald, Troy Kahler, Harry Mulligan and Lachlan Facer, goals Troy Kahler, Nicholas Holmes, Lachlan Facer) def Gatton 0.

Under 15’s

Pittsworth (tries to Dominic Briggs (3), Christopher Bates, Cooper McIntyre, Laurie Jocumsen, Blake Cullen, Tyrelle Woodbridge and Cody Evans, goals Brodie Grimshaw, Dominic Briggs, Laurie Jocumsen, Dominic Salomon, Jordan Fraser-Bellette) def Gatton

Under 16’s.

Pittsworth (tries to James Quinn (3), Matt Timbs (3), Jack Cornford (2), Hugh Sullivan, Nicholas Sharp, Ben Kranbring, Brady Manktelow, goals Marcus Fitzgerald (4), Michael Markey (3), Jordan O’Shea and Simon Kahler) def Gatton (tries Lachlan Gorman, goal Nicholas Lister)

South V Highfields

Under 11
Highfields 30 (Tries: B. Bishop-Kinlyside 2, A. Hintz, G. Voll, R. Taylor; Goals: C. Carmody, B. Cesari, G. Voll, R. Taylor, L. Fanning) defeated Souths 4 (Try: Z. Bauer).
Under 12
Souths 34 (Tries: G. Ryan 2, M. Knauth 2, N. Soppa, B. Murphy, S. Peters; Goals: N. Soppa, B. Hass, J. Campbell) defeated Highfields 8 (Tries: T. Ramsay, J. Quinlan).
Under 11/12 DEV CUP
Highfields 14 (Tries: G. Christodoulou, W. Elara, B. Hearne; Goal: G. Christodoulou) defeated Souths 12 (Tries: B. Nothdurft 2, Z. Bauer).
Under 13
Souths 16 (Tries: J. Lipp, C. Wright, C. Williams; Goals: J. Lipp 2) defeated Highfields 14 (Tries: B. Tuira, N. Truscott, J. Hutton; Goal: J. Adam).
Under 14
Souths 36 (Tries: A. Hearn 2, D. Firkin, C. Peters, L. Maiden, M. Murphy, C. Lehmann; Goals: C. Paix 2, A. Hearn 2) defeated Highfields 4 (Try: S. Mortensen).
Under 13/14 DEV CUP
Highfields 38 (Tries: N. Bruggemann 3, M. Ryan 2, L. Kennedy, L. Mitchell; Goals: D. Sheppard 5) defeated Souths 18 (Tries: C. Lehmann 2, D. Firkin; Goals: M. McKenzie 2, B. Howard).
Under 16*
Souths 30 (Tries: J. Kuhn 2, T. Crocker, J. Griinke, M. Brown; Goals: J. Kuhn 5) defeated Highfields 22 (Tries: C. Bowyer, J. George, J. Mason, L. Clewley; Goals: K. Oates 2, B. Twidale).

**Points under investigation as there was a breach of the rules**

Brothers v Valleys

Under 11:      

Brothers 16 (Tries: Kerion Parravaini, Nicholas Russellx2; Goals: Kerion Parravaini, Nicholoas Russell)

Def Valleys 10 (Tries: Kyle Hibbins, Nick Brown; Goals:  Nick Brown)             

Under 12:      

Brothers 50 (Tries: Cooper Wockner, Bailey Hopex5, Joshua Ronnfeldt, Sam Nealex3; Goals:Isaac Young, Chance Dawes, Bailey Hope, Steven McKay, Matthew Pomfrett)

Def Valleys 4 (Tries: Mitchell Lindemaye)

Under 11/12 DEV Cup:        

Valleys 20 ( Tries: Jarrod Ladyman, Benjamin McGahan, Djarquan Gooringex2, Brock Vanderlinde) Def Brothers 18 (Tries: Nick Waters, Tom Clarke Dickson, Bailey Gyemore Tim Gampomayer; Goals: Travas White)

Under 13:      

Brothers 24 (Tries: Samuel Birchleyx2, Finn Campbellx2, Jasper Smith; Goals: Jamie Dolleyx2) Def Valleys 10 (Tries: Matt Biles, Claude Sypher; Goals: Jordan Fisher)

Under 14: Valleys 38 (Tries: Coen Hopkinsx2, Drenzell McCain, Brock Dimentx2, Liam Carrington, Oliver Cumbargo; Goals: Drenzell McCain) Def Brothers 18 (Tries: Lokee Brookesx3, Jared Drazic; Goals: Coby Ferguson)

Under 13/14 Dev Cup:         

Valleys 46 (Tries: Keanu Lee, Heath Anderson, Oliver Cumbargox3, Drenzell McCain, Jack O’Brienx2, Mason Tuiga; Goals: Chris Chalmers, Drenzell McCain, Jack O’Brien, Conner Taylor, Mason Tuiga) Def Brothers 22 (TriesLogan Jamesx4, Riley Harvey; Goals: Nathan Ratcliffe)

Under 15:      

Valleys 32 (Tries: Todd Menhenitt, Zac Stephensx2, Lauclin Henry,  Pat O’Calligan, Travis Turnball; Goals: Kurt Squires, Zac Stevensx2, Jake Anderson) Def Brothers 24 (Tries: Callum Langtonx2, Jacob Edwards, Sam McGrath, Brandon Spain; Goals: Dominick Trehernex2)

Under 16:      

Brothers 22 (Tries: Darrian Jackson, Sam Betros, Hayden Bartlett, Mitchell Revell; Goals: Eathen Hearne) Valleys 22 (Tries: Gerome Burns, Jesse Mailmanx2, Bryce Whale, Bula Asbby Kau Kau; Goals: Bryce Whale)

Dalby v Oakey

Under 11

Dalby (tries: Ishmael Bond, Lachie Smith, Blaydon Dodd (2), Charlie Hiesler, Kevin Sheppard, Dusty Brown(2),Sam Morris, Rowan Carroll, Keanu Wright-Dunrobin(2), Alex Lindsay(3) Kenan Roberts goals: Ishmael Bond , Lachie Smith, Blaydon Dodd, Charlie Hiesler, Kevin Shepard, Dusty Brown, Rowan Carroll, Mathew Wolfe, Darby Ryan, Dallas Gibson, Lachlan Bidstrup def Oakey

Under 12

Dalby (tries Kristian Bond(2),KY Kirtley, Max Brady(3),Jack Drennen, Josh Chappell (6), Daelan Rolls, Sam Gillespie, Braydon Tate(2), Lachlan Wilkins, Cory Salter (2) goals: Kristian Bond, KY Kirtley, Max Brady, Jack Drennen, Daelan Rolls, Zac Singleton, Lachlan Sankey, Sam Gillespie, Brayden Tate, Lachlan Wilkins, Corey Salter def Oakey

Under 13

Dalby 50 (tries: Kuyahn Dunrobin (3), Jacob Luck, Zac Storey, Lytana King-Togia (2), Phoenix Keene, Dylan Wedrat goals: Blake Suhr (7) def Oakey 4 (tries: Cody Lucht )

Under 14

Oakey 42 (tries: Barry Haupt, Reece O’Connell, Dylan Crump (2), Kyle Petersen (2), Deatch Clifford, Drew Crooks goals: Tyson Klingberg (5) def Dalby 20 (tries: Lythanial King-Togia, Lachlan Kelly, Mitch Withers goals Nicholas Bruce (2

Under 13/14 D/C

Oakey 48 (tries Brodie Benson (2), David Siebenhausen, Reece O; Connell, Harry Dowling (2), Isaiah Gill, Shoden Reimers, Daniel Nothdruft, goals: Brodie Benson, Jamie Kermond, Isaiah Gill, Wade Clifford, Shoden Reimers, John Lee def Dalby 8 (tries: Tresamual Hooper, Harry Biel)

Under 16

Dalby  (tries Jonty Newton(2),Mark McLaughlin, Ash Chand, Alex Morris(2),Zac Gleeson, Ryan Fermor, Matthew Gilliland, Harrison Harvey, Beau Fermor(2),Charlie Payne(2) Tyson Thomas goals Cody Milne (5),Harrison, Zac Gleeson (7) def Oakey 7 (tries Clayton Flutes goals Jack Redding: Field Goal Jack Redding)