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The Brothers World of Entertainment Northern Pride Academy Program is proud to announce its Under 12s to Under 17s High Performance squads for 2015-16.

Following an intensive selection process, the Pride High Performance squads, which will be in place from July this year to April 2016, have been named.

Northern Pride High Performance Manager Benjamin Fielding said these squads were on top of the open trials at the end of the year for the club’s 2016 Under 16 Cyril Connell and Under 18 Mal Meninga Cup squads.

“The selection process for the squads is a lengthy one, taking into account the performance of players across their local junior league and/or schoolboy rugby league seasons,” said Mr Fielding.

“We’ve been watching local league and representative matches for the past 12 months, making sure that we have scouted the talent fully in many different conditions.

“We’ll also be continuing to scout local league matches to finalise the Under 20 Northern Pride squad to play in pre-season trials, due to the success of this concept in 2014.

“The Academy structure and professionalism is set up so well, we leave no stone unturned to achieve results not only on the field, but also off the field to develop these guys into good young men and leaders in their communities.

“We think we’ve got some superb youngsters in all age groups, and congratulations to everyone selected.”

Mr Fielding said letters to selected players, containing more information on their involvement in the squads, were sent out last week.

“If any players selected in the squads have not received correspondence by the end of this week, they should touch base with the Club as soon as possible,” he said.

All U15 Squad Members are to meet their coaches David Scott and Col Wilkie at Barlow Park on Saturday, July 4 at 3.45pm.

These are all non-playing squads and are involved in the following:

Under 12s to Under 17s

Eight high performance training nights during this period:

  • Five of these nights are dedicated to Rugby League core skills development and testing, and attacking and defensive game sense development
  • Three of these nights are dedicated to fitness testing, strength and conditioning workshops, and high performance/welfare topic lectures.

The first of these training nights for the new Under 12 to Under 17 high performance squads is Monday, 13 July from 4.45-7pm at West Barlow Park.


2015-2016 Under 12 High Performance Squad

Jimmy Savage (Woree SS), Zadok Heron (Flying Fish Point SS),  Christopher Pace (St Andrew’s Catholic College), Samuel Charlie (Flying Fish Point SS), Orlando Swain (Good Counsel College), Tamale Yeatman (Gordonvale SS), Jaxon Norman (Mossman SS), Saifu Savage (St Francis Xavier), Zachariah Nehow (Tolga SS), Travis Ogden (Tully SHS), Jude Ozanne-Jaques (Trinity Anglican School), Hone Heke Roisler-Hohaia (Whitfield SS), Drayden Lawson (Caravonica SS), Owen Christopher (Mareeba SS), Tyreake Banjo (Mareeba SS), Oscar Coutts (Malanda SHS), Tyreice Baira-Gela (Trinity Bay SHS), Robbie Sutton   (St Clare’s), Bailey Stagg (Innisfail SC), Rhyka Wickliffe-Adams (Innisfail SC), Callum Ah-Kee (Innisfail Central SS), Kyle Mayocchi (Goondi SS), Kostas Verevis (Kuranda DSC), William Richards (Trinity Beach SS), Ryan Peace (Smithfield SHS).

Note: All Under 12 squad members are to meet their coaches Jamie O’Kane and Brett Graham at Barlow Park on Saturday 27 June at 3.45pm.

2015-2016 Under 13 High Performance Squad

Tyreece Cratheren (Edmonton Storm), Byron Vanderkamp   (Edmonton Storm), Grand Hagi (Mareeba Gladiators), Xavier Nicol  (Cairns Brothers), Satrick Miskin (Cairns Kangaroos), Trezman Banjo (Mareeba Gladiators), Jack Thomas (Edmonton Storm), Taitai Jacob (Cairns Brothers), Dimitri Atwang (Cairns Brothers), Taj Walker (Southern Suburbs), Conner Barten (Cairns Brothers), Jordon Gorogo (Cairns Kangaroos), Will Wright (Edmonton Storm), Kaleb Briggs (Ravenshoe Tigers), Joseph Ross (Edmonton Storm), Bronson Poi Poi  (Cairns Brothers), Justin Beavan (Ravenshoe Tigers), Ben Whybird (Atherton Roosters), Jayden Spagnolo (Innisfail Leprechauns), Daley Jones (Innisfail Leprechauns), Evan Wards (Innisfail Leprechauns), Roland  Lewis (Cairns Kangaroos), Aiden Day (Innisfail Leprechauns), Brock Threel (Tully Tigers), Tyriq Dickman (Tully Tigers).

2015-2016 Under 14 High Performance Squad

Bailey Biondi-Odo (Innisfail Brothers), Brayden Marzona (Tully Tigers), Aden Bennett (Tully Tigers), Benn Campagnolo (Tully Tigers), Phillip Musumeci (Tully Tigers), Ryan Flegler (Tully Tigers), Leo Blennerhassett (Innisfail Brothers), David Musumeci (Tully Tigers), Brandon Subloo (Innisfail Brothers), Dharzell Roberts (Edmonton Storm), Lachlan Buzza (Mossman Sharks), Ben Freiberg (Ivanhoe Knights), Samuel Williams (Cairns Brothers), Xavier Akiba (Cairns Brothers), Corey Roebuck (Redlynch Razorbacks), Alistair Maloney (Southern Suburbs), Sabie Bigie (Cairns Brothers), John Mosby (Ivanhoe Knights), Josh Murrey (Edmonton Storm), Kingston Jacko (Central Scorpions), Phillip Callope (Mareeba), Dylan Luscome (Edmonton Storm), Elia Mooka (Innisfail Brothers), Neil Cassidy (Innisfail Brothers), Jack Hayes (Southern Suburbs).

2015-2016 Under 15 High Performance Squad

Treavon McGinness (Edmonton Storm), Lester Shipton (Cairns Kangaroos), Jack Mansell-Gould (Ivanhoe Knights), Simon Asela (Innisfail Leprechauns), Jack Myatt (Innisfail Leprechauns), Jarett Subloo (Innisfail Leprechauns), Adam Hepworth (Cairns Kangaroos), Liam Heidemann (Edmonton Storm), William Kenny (Innisfail Leprechauns), Campbell Mellick (Edmonton Storm), Tom Dobb (Edmonton Storm), Eli Dionysius (Cairns Kangaroos), Tom McGrath (Ivanhoe Knights), Caleb O’Kane (Edmonton Storm), Tom Mallie (Cairns Kangaroos), Stan Banu (Edmonton Storm), Ryan O’Neill (Edmonton Storm), Linton Johnston (Edmonton Storm), Zane Quick (Edmonton Storm), Jameel Jia (Innisfail Leprechauns), Jaimie Thomas (Herberton JRLC), Jack Jarrett (Cairns Kangaroos),  Tyson Phineasa (Cairns Kangaroos), Connor Griffin (Malanda JRLFC), Aiden O'Kane (Edmonton Storm).

Note: All Under 15 squad members are to meet their coaches David Scott and Col Wilkie at Barlow Park on Saturday 4 July at 3.45pm.

2015-2016 Under 16 High Performance Squad

Ali Dotoi (Cairns Kangaroos), Brachlan Harris (Atherton Roosters), Brendon Pensini (Atherton Roosters), Simon Beavan (Ravenshoe Tigers), Joel Poggioli (Atherton Roosters), Travis Grant (Innisfail Leprechauns), Tamati Huirama (Innisfail Leprechauns), Tyler Nielsen (Edmonton Storm), Damian Burke (Cairns Kangaroos), Elliot Gibuma (Cairns Brothers), Ewan Moore (Cairns Brothers), Jefferson Pablo (Cairns Brothers), Kenneth Williams (Edmonton Storm), Nauman Eustace (Cairns Brothers), Joshtel Charlie (Cairns Kangaroos), Ryan Wescombe (Cairns Brothers), Tazmon McRobbie (Cairns Brothers), Lachlan Wilson (Cairns Brothers), Thomas Flegler (Tully Tigers), Rhys Jones (Edmonton Storm), Sam Kepu (Cairns Brothers), Jack  Dooley (Ivanhoe Knights), Quinton Gowa (Cairns Brothers), Mason Kimberley (Tully Tigers), Lachlan Kirk (Cairns Kangaroos).

2015-2016 Under 17 High Performance Squad

Kienan Hayes-Grogan (Mossman Sharks), Brad (Trevor) Spicer (Tully Tigers), Dion Wales (Edmonton Storm), Lui Lockington (Edmonton Storm), Jack Campagnolo (Tully Tigers), Patrick Gallen (Innisfail Brothers),  AsiAsi John (Edmonton Storm), Quinlyn Cannon (Mossman Sharks), Johann Turner (Innisfail Brothers), Jason Chapman (Innisfail Brothers), Yaza Stephen (Edmonton Storm), Riley Archibald (Southern Suburbs), Leigh Freeman (Atherton Roosters), Kornylius Tuimauga (Edmonton Storm), Jerry Ahmat (Cairns Brothers), Ruiyana-Toa Paul (Innisfail Brothers), Brett Anderson (Tully Tigers), Ronald Ambrum (Innisfail Brothers), Ammiel  Harris (Yarrabah Seahawks), Lee Kennedy (Edmonton Storm), Anthony Curcio (Atherton Roosters), Lennie Sunai (Cairns Brothers), Gab Bon (Cairns Brothers), Lachlan Biondi-Odo (Innisfail Brothers), Tristan Subloo (Innisfail Brothers).