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The mission statement for the game is to bring people together and enrich their lives and the QRL’s Central Division, in partnership with the Centre for Resilient Leadership, hoped the Young Warrior Project would do just that. 

The dust has now settled on the inaugural project; although individual participants are receiving ongoing mentoring from project founder and coordinator James Greenshields. 

The results have had a profound impact on individuals and their families and perhaps exceeded their expectations.

The testimonials (listed below) highlight the positive influence the camp has had on those who participated this year:

"After participating in the Young Warrior program, I have learnt not just about myself but about those around me. The most important lesson I learnt from this program is perspective. Perspective is how we perceive a certain situation. I have used this on and off the football field. Nothing should be perceived as good nor bad, as it is what is. This attitude has allowed me to relieve myself from stressful situations with ease. Respect is also something I learnt should be heavily instilled inside of not only each other, but most importantly yourself. If you respect yourself as a person, from there you will be able to respect not just the big things in life, but the little things as well. By respecting yourself, it’s respecting what you stand for and shapes the character you are, not the mask you may hide under.”

-          Declan Mallia (participant)

“Liam has first of all wanted to pass on his thanks to all concerned in the development, organisation and implementation of the project.  He specifically would like to thank the mentors who did an outstanding job.  Tracey and I were impressed with the afternoon session on the last day.  The one thing that stuck in my mind was the fact that the Young Warriors Project was about making the world a better place to live in.  This certainly fits with my view of the way things should be – continuous improvement.  Liam has said that he has learnt a lot about himself and also how to effectively interact with others.  Thank you for having the courage and foresight to realise how important the project is for the young men of league.”

-          Steve and Tracey (parents of Liam Grant – participant)

“I just wanted to thank you for the session on Sunday afternoon. I don't know how you guys do it, but geez you really make the brain think in different ways. (I'm talking about myself let alone the changes in Ben!) I really could have listened to you all day.  I sat there thinking of things that I've said and done in the past and realise there is a much better way to deal with life. All this in just a few short hours, I realise now why my young man is now how he is after three days! I thank you all for investing your time and energy into this program you guys are awesome.”

-          Joanne Hudson (mother of Ben Hudson – participant)

“I struggled at first to get excited about the weekend with my commitments with my footy side. Watching the boys soak up information from Cheese (James Greenshields) and seeing their perspective towards life changing right in front of your eyes was an amazing experience. Seeing the boys out in the bush adds enormous value to the program. I can only sit here and talk positively about the program.  I am confident they will go back to their clubs and contribute in their special way. They will give back far more than anything that they and their mentors could come up with by sitting around and discussing.  We just need to have faith in the program and the boys which I’m sure all who were on the camp have.”

-          Lennie Currie (club support mentor)