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Brothers had a great weekend in Round 1 of the Toowoomba Junior Rugby League competition, winning all their games against Gatton.

The full results from Round 1 of the Toowoomba Junior Rugby League season are listed below:

Gatton v Brothers

Under 12: Brothers 30 (C. Blades, E. Brotherton, N. Clancy, H. Eyers, T. McDonald, B. Smith tries; C. Blades, B. Smith, K. Timms goals) def Gatton 0.

Under 13: Brothers def Gatton
Under 14: Brothers def Gatton
Under 16: Brothers def Gatton

Highfields v Dalby

Under 12: Dalby 30 (M. Nolan 2, B. Sankey 2, T. Harm, L. King-Togia tries; M. Nolan goal) def Highfields 6 (B. Dodd tries; B. Dodd goal).

Under 11/12: Dalby 24 (A. Casey 2, C. Loveday, A. Stan, T. Hockenfull, C. Wehnam tries) def Highfields 16 (S. Sheppard 2, S. Elara, J. Purser tries).

Under 13: Highfields 40 (J. Truscott 4, J. Goodman 2, I. Leach, D. Ryan, K. Warren tries; M. Carmody, K. Warren goals) def Dalby 6 (C. McGee try; C. McGee goal).

Under 14: Highfields 22 (C. Lebsanft, B. Cesari, R. Gill, L. Davis tries; L Davis 3 goals) def Dalby 18 (J. Gibbs 2, X Vaa, K Wright Dunrobin tries; B Everitt goal).

Under 13/14: Highfields def Dalby.
Under 15: Dalby def Highfields.

Under 16: Highfields 24 (N. Truscott 3, C. Haywood tries; D. Flanagan 4 goals) def Dalby 14 (K. Dunrobin, T. Sheehan, Z. Storey tries; J McCarthy goal).

Souths v Oakey

Under 12: Souths 26 (D. Bauer, M. Hall, W. McBean, L. Crocker, B. Roche tries; H. Whitehouse, J. Campbell, L. Crocker goals) def Oakey 22.

Under 13: Oakey 42 (B. Beyer 3, D. Watherston 3, K. Stanton 4 tries; T. Currie goal) def Souths 4 (A. Gillis try).

Under 15: Souths def Oakey

Valleys v Pittsworth

Under 12: Valleys 12 (M. Clem, S. Snelling tries; J. Stenzel, M. Clem goals) def Pittsworth 10 (P. Quinn, C. Dempsey tries; W. Finn goal)

Under 13: Valleys 44 (J. Beezley 2, D. Blades, K. Diment, D. Whittingham, D. McFeeters, B. Gillmeister, Y. Willis-Duncan, J. Muggleton tries; D. Blades 3, J. Munn goals) def Pittsworth 10 (E. Smith 2 tries; T. Evans goal).

Under 14:  Valleys def Pittsworth

Under 15: Valleys 44 (T. Hatch 2, K. Hopkins 2, B. Hope, J. Ladyman, M. Lindenmayer, M. Lorenz tries; M. Lindenmayer 6 goals) def Pittsworth 14 (S. Free 2, T. Packer tries; K. Grimshaw 2 goals).

Under 16: Pittsworth 40 (C. Woodbridge 2, C. Berghofer 2, N. Goodall, W. Trott, L. Thompson, O. Moy tries; C. Woodbridge 3, O. Moy goals) def Valleys 20 (E. Charles-Tanner 3, P. Anderson, C. Sypher tries)

Round 2 draw:

Oakey v Brothers
Souths v Gatton
Pittsworth v Dalby
Valleys v Highfields