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The Central Queensland Capras junior trials were held in Rockhampton at the weekend with plenty of great footy on display to showcase CQ talent.

Hosted by the Rockhampton and District Junior Rugby League at Browne Park and the Gymmy Grounds, representative teams from Gladstone, Central Highlands and Central West joined the host region for three days of rugby league to select the CQ junior sides to compete at the upcoming Central Division Junior Carnival in Gladstone.

Players from across the regions had one goal in mind – to impress the selectors and they certainly knew how to do that with some skilful rugby league on display – making the job hard for the Capras coaching staff.

Rockhampton were the dominant teams of the weekend with both the boys and girls winning most their games comprehensively and they showed the advantages of being eight rounds into the local competition.

Gladstone, like Rockhampton, were also strong across the park with an entertaining Under 16 grudge match between the two areas resulting in a narrow four-point win to the port city, 24-20.

Central West showed that rugby league is still alive and kicking in the bush with some enterprising results, particularly with some good wins against the Highlands and narrow losses against Gladstone.

Central Highlands also had a strong showing at the carnival with their boys teams showing some positive sides, but it’s their girls that really impressed.

At the end of the carnival, the CQ sides were named in preparation for the Central Junior Carnival.

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It was a hard choice for selectors to pick a player of the carnival for all five age groups, but they were able to agree with the following standout performances:

Under 13 Boys Player of the Carnival: Angus Stewart (Central West)
Under 14 Boys Player of the Carnival: Jack Mossman (Gladstone)
Under 16 Boys Player of the Carnival: Samuel Lancaster (Central West)
Under 14 Girls Player of the Carnival: Sophie Wright (Gladstone)
Under 16 Girls Player of the Carnival: Mackenzie Reid (Rockhampton)

A massive thanks must go to all the volunteers who assisted with the weekend to ensure the trials went ahead without a hitch.

A special thanks must go to the RDJRL committee consisting of Paul Jensen, Peta-Ann Bailey and Doris Wheeler, QRL Rockhampton staff Amanda Ohl and Amanda Pearce, CQ Capras Juniors Tour Manager Cale Dendle, all of the Capras coaching staff and selectors and all of the match officials for the hard work put into the weekend.

The Rockhampton and District Junior Rugby League should be congratulated on the success of this year’s trials and the Junior Capras look forward to next year’s trials set to be held in the Central Highlands.

The Under 16 Boys



ROCKHAMPTON 50 (Carter Wight 2, Ryan Welsh, Alex Lawton, Jondean Asse, Owen Pattie, Tynan Donovan tries; Ryan Welsh, Alex Lawton goals) defeated CENTRAL WEST 0

ROCKHAMPTON 14 (Carter Wight 2, Lachlan Davies tries; Carter Wight goal) defeated GLADSTONE 8 (Bailey Smith 2 tries)

CENTRAL WEST 12 (Luke Callanan 2 tries; Drew Heumiller 2 goals) defeated CENTRAL HIGHLANDS 4 (Liam Nebauer try)

GLADSTONE 22 (Nicholas Crane, Liam Price, Bailey Smith, Ryley Bobart tries; Nicholas Crane 2, Nickolas Gerhmann goals) defeated CENTRAL WEST 18 (Angus Stewart 2, Luke Callanan tries; Luke Callanan, Dane Careless, Graham Ellis goals)

ROCKHAMPTON 40 (Angus Gabriel, Bradley Taylor, Carter Wight, William Lewis, Ryan Welsh, Owen Pattie, Ethan Boswood, Lachlan Davies tries; Alex Lawton 3, Owen Pattie goals) defeated CENTRAL HIGHLANDS 6 (Lachlan Gray try; Clancy Harrison goal)

GLADSTONE 30 (Reece Turner, Bodie Fett, Liam Price, Albert Maunga, Bailey Smith tries; Nickolas Gehrmann 3, Corey Liaropoulos, Nicholas Crane goals) defeated CENTRAL HIGHLANDS 4 (Brodie Stallman try)


ROCKHAMPTON 58 (Zayne Cox 3, Brayden Duffy 2, Flynn Kelso 2, Joshua Grange, Lincoln Pickering, Corey Johns tries; Joshua Grange 5, Nicholas Couch goals) defeated CENTRAL WEST 0

ROCKHAMPTON 46 (Braydon Duffy 2, Joshua Grange, Darcy Biles, Noah Chadwick, Corey Johns, Flynn Kelso, Grady Callaghan, Marley Wosomo tries; Joshua Grange 3, Nicholas Crouch 2 goals) defeated GLADSTONE 6 (Tyler Keogh-Paladin try; Jye Austin goal)

CENTRAL HIGHLANDS 34 (Ilami Buli 2, Blake Anders, Nicholas Walters, Coby Williamson, Damon Say, Campbell Allen tries; Connor Petersen 2, Blake Anders goal) defeated CENTRAL WEST 12 (Damien Hepburn, Jordan Heke tries; Peyton Jenkins 2 goals)

GLADSTONE 32 (Tyler Keogh-Paladin 2, Jackson Warde, Jace Ward, Flynn Johnson, Jordan Anderson tries; Hayden Oliver, Jye Austin goals) defeated CENTRAL WEST 20 (Harvey Saunders, Dylan Mills, Damien Hepburn, Matthew Parke tries; Peyton Jenkins 2 goals)

ROCKHAMPTON 52 (Corey Johns 2, Marley Wosomo 2, Brayden Duffy, Noah Chadwick, Flynn Kelso, Grady Callaghan, Matthew Hedges, Nicholas Crouch, Jack McLachlan tries; Nicholas Crouch 3, Joshua Grange goals) defeated CENTRAL HIGHLANDS 10 (Coby Williamson, Hayden Gillespie tries; Connor Petersen goal)

GLADSTONE 14 (Flynn Johnson 2, Bailey Watkins tries; Hayden Oliver goal) defeated CENTRAL HIGHLANDS 6 (Ilami Buli try; Braydon O’Sullivan goal)


ROCKHAMPTON 50 (Dustin Munns 2, Lochlan Winston 2, Leighton Milburn, Kyle Solomon, Chase Farr, Zac Pacey, Cahlen Comiskey, Camden Steinhardt tries; Leighton Milburn 5 goals) defeated CENTRAL WEST 0

GLADSTONE 24 (Cameron Fitzsimmons 4 tries; Lyncoln Rebel 4 goals) defeated ROCKHAMPTON 20 (Leighton Milburn 2, Kyle Solomon, Kazzi Doyle tries; Leighton Milburn, Matt Clarke goals)

CENTRAL WEST 22 (Jack Graham, Tristan Barron, Blake Hyden, Mitchell Leard-Lamont tries; Luke Stenhouse 3 goals) defeated CENTRAL HIGHLANDS 14 (Brayden Ross, Hudson Jeffrey, Mitch Hayward tries; Mitchell Allen goal)

GLADSTONE 32 (Jake Thompson, Cameron Fitzsimmons, Alex Lennon, Lochlan James, Ethan Crane, Lyncoln Rebel tries; Lyncoln Rebel 4 goals) defeated CENTRAL WEST 0

ROCKHAMPTON 24 (Kazzi Doyle, Kyle Solomon, Chase Farr, Dylan Wewara, Cahlen Comiskey tries; Leighton Milburn 2 goals) defeated CENTRAL HIGHLANDS 0

GLADSTONE 40 (Lochlan James 2, Lyncoln Rebel 2, Todd Kyle, Blake O’Dwyer, Bailey Stirling, Cameron Fitzsimmons tries; Bailey Stirling 2, Lyncoln Rebel 2 goals) defeated CENTRAL HIGHLANDS 4 (Hudson Jeffrey try)


ROCKHAMPTON 30 (Halle Andjal 2, Maya Barnes 2, Taiah Ardley, Mayanna Doak, Jayde Ramsay tries; Chloe Jarrett-Lawton goal) defeated GLADSTONE 4 (Kaliyah McGrath try)

CENTRAL HIGHLANDS 22 (Alenna Whipp 2, Olivia Cave, Jordan Jackson, Talia Mahoney tries; Talia Mahoney goal) defeated GLADSTONE 6 (Delaney Claridge try; Delaney Claridge goal)

ROCKHAMPTON 16 (Taiah Ardley, Halle Andjal, Lillian Yarrow, Maya Barnes tries) defeated CENTRAL HIGHLANDS 4 (Lillie Spanner try)


ROCKHAMPTON 30 (Xanthe Newell 3, Maddison Riedy-Brown, Tylah Phillips, Mackenzie Reid, Rhianna Pulton tries; Maddison Riedy-Brown) defeated GLADSTONE 0


ROCKHAMPTON 18 (Xanthe Newell, Maddison Tobane, Mackenzie Reid tries; Maddison Riedy-Brown) defeated CENTRAL HIGHLANDS 8 (Haylea Lonergan, Aleethia Battersby-Row Row tries)

Pictured below: Under 13 Boys