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It was another great weekend of junior footy in Round 4 of the Toowoomba Junior Rugby League competition.

Acting TJRL President Brad Steer has commended the parents, volunteers and spectators of the League on another great weekend of local footy in the region as part of Let Kids Be Kids Round.

“On a weekend which was dedicated to letting kids have fun and do what they love, it was fantastic to see our players, coaches and officials being respected,” Steer said.

Steer, also a life member of the TJRL, said he had seen an increased emphasis on winning and excessive pressure from the sidelines creep in over recent years.

“It is very simple; we need to provide our young players with a positive environment to play the greatest game of all,” he said. 

“Unless it is positive, it’s pointless.”

The TJRL continues the season with no on-field misconduct which has warranted disciplinary action.


Brothers Leprechauns v Highfields Eagles:

Under 12: Highfields 26 (L. Cesari 4, T. King tries; B. Dodd, T. King, J. Purser goals) defeated Brothers 12 (E. Hawks, T. McDonald tries; J. Rei, K. Timms goals)

Under 11/12 Development Cup: Highfields 26 (E. Schmidt 2, T. Clarkson, S. Elara, B. Lynch tries; Z. Crabb, J. Murphy, J. Skobe goals) defeated Brothers 4 (P. Heinemann try)

Under 13: Brothers 44 (B. Ferguson 4, R. Wockner 3, A. Thurston tries; R. Wockner 4, R. Madden goals) defeated Highfields 12 (D. Ryan, J. Truscott tries; K. Warren 2 goals)

Under 14: Brothers 28 (J. Thurston 3, R. Wockner 2 tries; J. Thurston 3, R. Wockner goals) defeated Highfields 20 (B. Cesari 2, R. Gill, D. Rafter tries; C. Lebsanft 2 goals)

Under 13/14 Development Cup: Highfields 34 (R. Taylor 3, G. Chrisodoulou 2, M. Potter-Watson, D. Wightman tries; M. Potter-Watson 3 goals) defeated Brothers 20 (J. Anderson, H. Hartwig, G. Harvey, N. Waters tries; G. Harvey, L. Hawks goals)

Under 15: Highfields 38 (K. Bruggemann 2, P. Weatherall-Grimshaw 2, B. McKellar, J. Quinlan, T. Voll, B. Wightman tries; T. Halliday 2, M. Hill goals) defeated Brothers 10 (H. Hartwig, R. Turnbull tries; C. Wockner goal)

Under 16: Highfields defeated Brothers

Dalby Diehards v Gatton Hawks:

Under 11/12 Development Cup: Dalby 16 (B. Rathmell 2, T. Hockenhull tries; L. Hart, B. Sankey goals) defeated Gatton 10 (T. Grills, L. Brooking tries; M. Davies goal)

Under 12: Dalby 22 (J. Flanagan, T. Harms, B. Sankey tries; W. Herbert, B. Rathmell, B. Skinner goals) defeated Gatton 0

Under 13: Gatton 38 (C. Andrew, H. Dunn, L. Hazard, N. Jackson, K. Liddicoat-Hill, C. Page, M. Potter tries; K. Buhse 3, H. Dunn 2 goals) defeated Dalby 10 (C. McGee, W. Brady tries; M. Brewer goal)

Under 14: Dalby defeated Gatton

Oakey Bears v Valleys Roosters:

Under 12: Oakey 34 (R. Luhct 3, T. Boxsell 2, J. Hardwick tries; T. Boxsell, E. Frid, J. Gill, J. Hardwick, R. Lucht goals) defeated Valleys 4 (M. Clem try)

Under 13: Valleys 44 (K. Diment 4, J. Beezley, K. Carr, M. Pole, J. Robinson, Y. Willis – Duncan tries; K. Carr 2, J. Munn, D. Whittingham goals) defeated Oakey 14 (B. Beyer 2, L. Kirby tries; K. Stanton goals)

Under 15: Valleys 48 (M. Grealy 2, T. Hatch 2, M. Lorenz 2, B. Adnams, M. Barrett, B. Hope, M. Lindenmayer tries; M. Lindenmayer 4 goals) defeated Oakey 4 (P. Da Silva Sampaio try)

Souths Tigers v Pittsworth Danes:

Under 12: Souths 42 (B. Bingham 3, D. Bauer 2, T. Dettori 2, B. Litidamu tries; B. Roche, K. Gramenz, W. McBean, H. Whitehouse goals) defeated Pittsworth 4 (E. Facer try)

Under 13: Pittsworth 40 (R. Cattarin 3, T. Anderson 2, E. Smith, M. Woodbridge, K. Oberhardt tries; T. Evans goal) defeated Souths 26 (J.  Brynes 2, M. Bloom 2, T. Trost, A. Gillis, tries; M. Bloom goal)

Under 15: Souths 50 (K. Williamson-Duggan 3, J. Pike 2, G. Ryan, E. Witherspoon, B. Murphy, C. Trost tries; K. Williamson-Duggan 7 goals) defeated Pittsworth 24 (D. Woodbridge 2, S. Free, P. McGinn tries; P. McGinn 2, D. Woodbridge 2 goals).

Under 16: Souths defeated Pittsworth


Dalby Diehards v Brothers Leprechauns
Highfields Eagles v Gatton Hawks
Pittsworth Danes v Oakey Bears
Valleys Roosters v Souths Tigers

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