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The Queensland Rugby League is pleased to announce the next term of licensees as part of its ongoing support for grassroots rugby league.

QRL Managing Director Robert Moore said the Q Licensing Program would play an important role in the future growth of the game. 

“The program provides a revenue stream which is channelled back to the Divisions and Local Leagues for the support of grassroots rugby league,” Moore said. 

“Furthermore, it allows us to maintain ownership of the QRL brand, and subsequently provides the QRL and its clubs with the necessary protection.”

The new Q Licensing term runs from 2018-2020 and includes two new Jersey / Short licensees – ZOO Sport and ISC.

Struddys, Classic Sportswear, Triple Play and EMU Sportswear will also continue as licensees in the new term, along with Fi-Ta (Referees) and Steeden (Football).

In addition to the revenue stream for grassroots rugby league, the program provides the QRL with the opportunity to set minimum standards for the on-field items utilised in playing the game, including jerseys, shorts, referees’ uniforms and footballs. 

For the further protection of the League and clubs, Moore said the QRL maintained the right to terminate licensees acting inappropriately or not meeting elements of their agreement.

“We’re firmly of the belief that allowing anyone to provide essential playing equipment puts clubs at financial risk and presents as a potential participant safety risk,” Moore said. 

Q Licensing Program: Term 2018-2020

Jersey/Short - New 

ZOO Sport

Jersey/Short – Existing rolling over

Classic Sportswear
Triple Play
EMU Sportswear